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Last time I replaced a master cylinder I got a kit with it. before you hook up the brake lines you screw in 2 zerts connect plastic tubing to them and run them into the fluid reseviors then pump the brakes until no bubbles come through the plastic lines

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โˆ™ 2004-09-25 23:05:01
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Q: What is the best method for bleeding the master cylinder yourself at home?
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Have soft brake pedal on93 silverado has master cylinder and block what is the proper method for bleeding air from system?

The preferred method is to use a pressure bleeder and bleed all 4 wheels at the same time. If a pressure bleeder is not available, use an assistant to pump the brake pedal several times and then hold pedal pressure. Starting with the farther most caliper from the master cylinder . Bleed each caliper until all air is expelled. make sure that assistant does not take his foot off pedal until bleeder valve is closed. Do each caliper from farthest away from master cylinder to closest. If master cylinder was not bench bled when installed, remove it and do that first. Then continue with the rest of the procedure.

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Where can you get new hydraulic line for a Chevy s10 from slave to master cylinder how can you bleed the line right?

You can get steel brake line stock from just about any auto parts store. Just measure the diameter and legth of the old part. Once installed refill master cylinder and leave the lid off, open RF caliper bleeder screw and allow some time for air to escape. This method is called gravity bleeding. Once fluid begins to flow out, allow it to flow for a little while to allow air bubbles to escape begging sure to keep master cylinder from run out of fluid. Now close bleeder screw and place master cylinder lid back on and pump brake pedal a few times. Now open bleeder screw to allow for more air to escape if any remains. You may need to perform the last step a couple of times depending upon how much air got into the system during repair.

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Procedures to bleeding clutch on 1993 Ford Ranger pickup?

Not an easy thing to do. Here is what I ended up doing after 2 weeks of trials. This method took me about 2 hours. 1. Remove the brake master cylinder. Do not disconnect the lines! Just move it forward a little. 2. Remove the brake vaccum booster. This involves disconnecting the brake pedal connecting pin and switch under the dash. It's tight, but you can clear the electric box forward of the booster. 3. Disconnect the hose at the clutch master cylinder that leads to the clutch fluid reservoir bottle. Have something to catch the fluid when the hose is pulled loose. 4. Remove the small roll pin securing the outlet hose on the clutch master cylinder. I used a small punch. Retrieve the pin. Don't loose it. 5. Remove the clutch hose from the master cylinder. Save any o-rings or rubber seals inside the connection housing. 6. Inside under the dash, remove the clutch master cylinder push rod from the clutch pedal. This requires pressing on the rod sideways away from the pedal. 7. Remove the cluch switch by pulling the small plastic keeper. 8. Back under the hood, remove the two bolts from the firewall supporting the clutch master cylinder. Carefully withdraw the clutch master cylinder. 9. Take the cylinder to a workbench. Remove the spring clip that keeps the plunger in the cylinder. Pull on the plunger to withdraw the piston and spring. Inspect the piston cup and seals for cuts/damage. Flush the cylinder out with a solvent. Reinstall the spring and piston correctly. Reinstall the spring clip. 10. At this point, I mounted the reservoir above my workbench and connected it to the master cylinder resting in a shallow pan. I filled the reservoir and depressed the push rod to very it was pumping fluid. 11. Installation begins with putting the master cylinder back into the hole in the firewall. DO NOT INSTALL MOUNTING BOLTS YET. 12. Connect the outlet hose back into the master cylinder outlet. It should snap when in position. 13. Reinstall the roll pin to secure the hose in place. 14. Reinstall the clutch fluid reservoir bottle on the firewall. 15. Connect the reservoir hose to the master cylinder and fill the bottle. 16. Now the important part. Tilt the master cylinder such that it is pointing upwards, with the push rod inside the vehicle pointing downward. 17. Have an assistant under the vehicle open the bleeder valve only after you are inside the vehicle and hand pressing the push rod in. Do this repeatedly for 3 or 4 times. 18. Now install the clutch master cylinder in the firewall using the two bolts. 19. Connect the clutch pedal to the push rod. 20. Press on the clutch pedal to verify stiffness in the pedal and look through the clutch inspection port to verify the throwout bearning is moving as the pedal is pushed down. 21. Compelete the installation of the clutch switch, brake booster, and brake master cylinder.

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How do you change the alternator in a 1991 Honda CRX?

Take a long extension. Usually two connected together and get the screw you can't find out from the back of the alt. This is only accomplished by taking the passenger tire off and reaching in there with the extension. Then skirt the alt. from the driver side of the car to the passenger side from behind the engine. It helps if you have two people. CIV --- In the 1991 CRX HF the best way is to unbolt the master cylinder. do NOT remove the brake lines! also, unplug the fuel line that is there and move it out of the way. unplug/move the wire harness that is there as well. pull the master cylinder a couple of inches out and a couple inches upward being careful not to move it too much as the brake lines are still attached! the alternator will come through the space that you've now created in front of the master cylinder. i tried the "passenger side of engine" method and don't see how that could work at all. other people say remove the axle. others say through the bottom or through the wheel well. on my 1991 CRX-HF the best way is the master cylinder method.