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What is the best method of birth control if you cannot take the pill?


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If by "best" you mean most reliable, then the best method of birth control not involving the pill is a vasectomy (male sterilization), with a 99.85% annual success rate. Annual success rate means the likelihood of a normally sexually active couple going one year without pregnancy. Other reliable methods include combined injections (Lunelle or Cycloferm - 99.8% annual success rate), Essure (99.8%), IUD with progesterone (99.8%), tubul ligation (99.5%), and copper IUD (99.2%). Male latex condoms have an 85% annual success rate, however they have the added benefit of reducing sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Refer to the related links below for a more detailed presentation of birth control method failure rates.

The best method is one that works best for you.

If you have problems with pills, I would not recommend any hormonal contraception. You can use Rhythm Method, IUD or condoms (female and male) - all have high effectiveness up to 97-98%.

Best Contraception method is Dual Contraception which can prevent not only unplanned pregnancy but also vaginal infections including STDs

use gives you no side effects..well i didn't get any...and its easy and you don't have to worry on taking it everyday etc...

**NuvaRing IS a form of hormonal contraception. The NuvaRing vaginal ring and the Mirena IUD are both made of plastic that slowly releases a type of synthetic progesterone over time. The reason they have less side effects than pills are because they're placed in your reproductive system rather than being taken by mouth, so less of the hormone is hitting other parts of your body like your brain or skin. The copper T-380 IUD does not contain hormones. The brands I mentioned apply to the USA, other brands of hormone or copper IUDs may be available in other countries. Personally I used the Mirena for 1 year and had no problems except that it fell out unexpectedly so I will be looking to get another one placed.

I was wondering what about Vaginal Contraceptive Film also known as VCF?

Depo-provera shot and i have not gained weight on it either! as a matter of fact I have no side effects from it.

I would say that and IUD may be something to look into. It isn't a chemical of any kind. Or condoms. Those are one of the most effective. I would recommend, personally staying away from the depo shot. I know, some people love it, but I know a lot who have a lot of problems while on it. Both are something to ask the doctor about. Depo, you need to get a shot every three months. With an IUD it is inserted into the vagina and can be there for up to 5 years. And can be removed anytime with no "waiting period" before it's "out of your system." I have never had an IUD, but I know a close friend and she wouldn't use anything else. Also, one last suggestion, maybe the birth control patch or rhythm method.

Some have found contraceptive foam to be highly effective when bc pills cannot be used

Totally forget the pullout method completely. That's how I got pregnant. I have an IUD and I highly recommend it. However, it is inserted into your uterus, not your vagina. And, it does release a small amount of hormones directly into your uterus. It works by not allowing an egg to implant itself. I think it's the best idea because one doesn't have to worry about taking pills or putting on patches and I've known women who have had adverse reactions to DEPO ie weight gain and emotional issues. The best way not to get pregnant is not to have sex at all.

Consider one of the fertility monitor computers designed for avoiding pregnancy. They work a lot like the clearplan easy monitors for couples trying to conceive only they tell you which days not to have unprotected sex.

The concept is similar to the old calendar method but much easier to follow with less chance for error.

There are no side effects. You could combine it with another method for extra safety too.

I think the BioSelf is one of the better ones, it has good effectiveness statistics and has no disposable sticks that need replacing every month so it comes out cheaper long term.

I stopped taking the pill because it made me sick and started taking Depo-Provera (a shot you get every 12 weeks). It's just as effective as the pill and I love it!!

Yes, the shot is probably the best and easiest way to take action on birth control i don't take anything but I've heard that the shot is 50% more accurate than the pills and pills can cause many things to happen to your body so start taking the shot and don't risk the chance

You didn't mention the reason for not being able to take the pill, so the question has many answers. For me, I wasn't able to take the pill as the hormones caused something similar to PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Distress Disorder). I had terrible mood swings, irritability, mental instability, etc. After two years of the pull & pray method (along with condoms and vaginal contraceptive films), I asked my OB/GYN about NuvaRing. I used it for just over 2 years and had wonderful results. No more craziness! The only side effects were breast tenderness and swelling for the first 3 months (actually resulted in a permanent cup size increase) and increased discharge (have to wear pantyliner everyday and change them often). Both were something I could live with. You may want to ask your health care professional about other hormone alternatives to the pill! (I only stopped the ring to try and start a family. I hope it's something I can go back to after we have a child.)

If money/health insurance is the problem, please visit your county health department. They usually have a pay by income program, so some people qualify for free annual visits and the pill. They may also be able to provide you with free condoms.

If you are underage and feel as you cannot talk with your parents, again please visit your county health department. They again may be able to counsel with you and answer some questions you may have.

CONDOMS AND a vaginal suppository, such as encare. Encare dissolves in the vagina, and like Foam, it kills sperm on contact. The ingredient in Encare- Nonoxynol-9, is said to kill the HIV virus, although some people disagree. These two forms should keep you safe.

I have been practicing Natural Family Planning for the last ten years and am so satisfied that I will never use artificial contraception.

The best form of birth control that you can take if you cannot take the pill is the patch. its very effective, you change it every week and it has no side effects.

Many people who can't take the contraceptive pill choose to have the 3 monthly depo provera injection. This is often the preferred contraception choice for woman from cultures that do not look kindly upon pre marital sex such as Muslims and Sub Continental Indians where the discovery of a contraceptive pill packet by family members is a major event.

Many women do not get periods whilst on depo provera (some see this is a bonus!) whilst others may experience spotting.

If you can't take the pill, the mechanical solution is for the male to wear a condom.

The chemical solution is a depo provera shot every three months.


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The 'Pull-out Method' is not a good form of birth control.You are at risk of becoming pregnant if you continue to use (that method) of birth control.Condoms are the best option that we have.

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There is no single "best birth control method." Women have different needs, insurance coverage issues, and preferences. The patch is useful for women who want a reliable method that doesn't require daily activity.

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It is relatively easy.The 'Pull-out Method' is not a good form of birth control.You are at risk of becoming pregnant if you continue to use (that method) of birth control.Condoms are the best option that we have.

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A non-estrogen hormonal method or a non-hormonal method is best after PE.

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The most effective birth control method, although not practical is abstaining from having sex. The pill has the second highest success percentage for pregnancy prevention, as long as its taken everyday.

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