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What is the best paint for painting on a vinyl bag?

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acrylic paint.

be careful not to thin it too much, otherwise it might bead up. using matte or retarding mediums will help keep the paint application smooth.

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What is the best paint to use on a nylon gym bag?

Probably your best option is acrylic paint. Acrylic paint also is good on polyester.

What fabric is best for a gym tote bag?

A gym tote bag should be of plastic material or vinyl were it holds less germs and gets dirty less often than other materials.

Is a leather bag better than a vinyl one for my camera?

I believe it is. because vinyl is soft and not weary crash resistant , unlike leather.

Is it better to buy a leather or vinyl laptop bag?

The choice is yours. Leather is very durable but more costly than vinyl. Also vinyl bags can be a good choice for students or those on a budget. There are more color options in vinyl.

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Most likely if you were stopped. Many shops require that you have your marker concealed in a bag before entering the store. The best idea is to put it in a bag, make little notice of yourself, and get to the facility as quickly as you can to avoid suspicion.

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What is the best kind of paint to use on an exterior steel staircase?

Powerwash it, then prime with Kilz Original, then paint with Tremclad anti-rust. When I did one last year, I also bought a bag of crushed walnut shell to scatter on the treads for better grip.

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What is the best brand of vacuum storage bag?

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What kind anti slip paint can you use on wood stairs?

The cheapest and possibly most effective method is to buy a small bag of ground walnut shell in the paint store and apply this along with the paint of your choice.

How do you make a magic slate?

== * Tempera paint * Tablespoon * Large, durable zip-close bag * Masking tape * White paper (8.5x11) * Drawing tool, like a ice pop stick or finger 1 Choose a dark thick color of tempera paint. 2 Place 3 tablespoons of the tempera paint into your zip-close bag. Squeeze out as much air as you can and then zip the bag shut. 3 Position a white piece of paper, a little smaller than your bag, on a flat surface. 4 Place the paint-filled zip-close bag on top of the white sheet of paper. Tape the sides of the bag to the surface of the paper with masking tape. 5 Use your hand to smooth the paint into a thin layer in the bag and across the white paper. You now have a homemade magic slate. 6 Use a blunt drawing tool, like a finger or an ice pop stick, to draw on your homemade magic slate. Your drawing will appear as you displace the dark paint and reveal the white paper. 7 Rub your hands over the zip lock bag to wipe away your drawings and start fresh.

How do you get rid of black coat dye from a cream leather bag?

buy a new onee cheap skate or dye rest of the bag black and paint yellow dots on it

How do you make faux leather out of paper bags?

in fact you can. just crumple up the bag to make multiple creases.then, paint the bag in a rich. dark umber or brown.

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The best way is the natural way. Take some paint, or some melted crayon and splatter it on some white paper or brown paper bag, then scan it in and redraw over them. This obtains the most natural look, and a completely unique design.

Is nail polish remover safe on plastic?

Yes, it should be because there is a trick if you can't paint your nails, you can paint on a plastic bag, peel it off and stick it on your nail!

What is the best baseball equipment bag to buy?

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