What is the best prank?

When Someone is sleeping, spray whipped cream or shaving cream (or something of that texture) on to their hand. Then, blow on their face or get a feather and rub it on their cheek so they put their hand up to their face and get cream all over them... its HEAPS FUNNY !

Um isn't that a raid?

Hi it's meh Passion.I hav another good prank.KK,do yu mostly find brother/sister doin' nothin?Plz follow da steps.Note:This works if you hav a brother or sister who's old enough.

1.Make sure no 1's home but your sister/brother.

2.Tell him/her 2 sit on a table.

3.Put a glass of water on 1 of his/her hand.Note:Make sure tat da glass of water is not heavy,& it has 2 be full.

4.Just 2 make sure,ask him/her if it's 2 heavy.If no,then put another glass of water tat's da same as da other glass of water.

5.Tell your sister/brother tat yu will B right bak,even no your not gon-na.Cuz instead,your gon-na do some other stuff than gettin' those 2 glasses of water on each of his/her hand,cuz he/she could not do ANYTHIN' when those hands r stuck by da glasses of water.Well if they do get up,da glasses of water is gon-na fall right?So it's your brother/sister will hav 2 clean tat mess up,since they made it.Mwuahahahaha! >:)

A good one is if you have someone you don't particularly like sleeping in your house (mother,father,sister,brother,sleep over friend etc.) and get a bucket of warm water and put their hand in it while they are sleeping. They will wet the bed!
Tie a ten dollar bill to a long piece of fishing string . feed the bill underneath an isle so it can be seen on the other side of the isle by an innocent victim. Be sure you are able to see through to the neighboring isle clearly . when ur victim spots the money, its time!!!! Slowly reel ur money in towards you by softly tugging on the string. If your lucky, someone runs right into a can of cream corn and you get a hearty chuckle at thier expense ! Seriously! You keep the cash and you get to go home and change into dry pants. This truly is halarious so try not to wet yourself !;-)