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Unleaded regular.

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Q: What is the best recommended gas to use in a 2002 Lincoln Town Car Cartier?
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How can you remove the dash in your 2000 Lincoln Town Car cartier to remove the clock?

how can remove dash in Lincoln cartier

What is the recommended tire pressure for 2002 Lincoln town car?

32 psi front and ack

How do you replace the clock lamp on a Lincoln Cartier Town Car?

how to replace lincoln town car 2004 ultimate clock bulb

What is the curb weight of 2002 Lincoln town car limousine?

The curb weight of a 2002 Lincoln Town Car limousine is dependent upon the individual limousine. Lincoln Town Car limousines are modified after the leave the manufacturer.

What is the firing order on a 1990 Lincoln town car cartier edition?

The correct firing order is 13726548.

Oil pump 2002 Lincoln town car?


What 2002 Lincoln models offer the best safety ratings in crash tests?

The Lincoln Town Car offered the best safety ratings of the 2002 Lincoln models.The Town Car has been the flag ship for the Lincoln brand for many years.

How do you identify cylinders on a 2002 Lincoln town car?

On a 2002 Lincoln Town Car : firewall 4 - 8 3 - 7 2 - 6 1 - 5 front of vehicle

In a 2002 Lincoln Town Car where is the CD changer?

According to the 2002 Lincoln Town Car Owner Guide : If it is equipped with a 6 disc CD changer , it is in the trunk

Who makes Lincoln Continental town cars?

Lincoln is a division of Ford The last model year of the Town Car was ( 2011 ) and for the Continental was ( 2002 )

Where is voltage regulator on 2002 Lincoln town car?

It is built into the alternator.

How much gas will a 2002 Lincoln town car hold?

According to the 2002 Lincoln Town Car Owner Guide : The fuel tank capacity is ( 71.9 litres / 19.0 U.S. gallons )

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