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My first reloader was a Lee turret press, I later moved on but I've never regreted having a Lee (which I still use for odd jobs). They tend to be a lot less expensive and, especially for a beginner, work just as well.

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Which is the best saxaphone for beginners?

a yamaha E flat beginners alto saxophone

What is the best book for philosophy for beginners?

The best book for philosophy for beginners is 'Philosophy For Beginners' by Richard Osborne and Ralph Edney. This statement is made based on the ratings of users from the Amazon website.

What is the best pilates dvd that you can get if you are a beginner?

The best pilates dvd for beginners would be Element: Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners. It's inexpensive, starting at around $7, and emphasizes being for beginners.

What is the best pet trantuall to have?

the best beginners is a rose hair

What is the best secondary in black ops?

Python with speed reloader, but cz75 full auto and m72 law are pretty epic too

What are the best kayaks for beginners?

sit on top.

What is the best hamster for beginners?

Syrian Hamsters

Which tropical fish are best for beginners?


Does the action reloader xploder work on the dsi?


What would be the best RC crawler for beginners?


What is the best beauty pageant for beginners?

I sugGest the best beauty pageant for beginners is NAMiss. It teaches u so many life long skills!! And im in it this year

What's the best comsmetology book for beginners?

one great book for beginners is Haircutting for Dummies by J. Elaine Spear

What is the best saxophone for beginners?

all beginners should start on either alto or tenor. after a while they can switch to any other types of saxes. Yamaha student horns are good for beginners.

What is the best audio production software for beginners?

The best audio production software for beginners is probably GarageBand. It is available of the Macintosh operating system by Apple. It is not available on Windows machines.

What is the best character for beginners in Mario kart Wii?

Yoshi is the best character for beginners, because beginners usually accidently hit the grass right?. Yoshi is an offroad character, so he can help you back on the track. Waluigi is an accelerating character, so he can help beginners when they hit walls or bananas or shells or anything that slows you down.

Which string instrument is best for beginners?

personally i think the best would be...oh a violin

What is the best bonsai tree for beginners?

juniper blue rug

What are the best toy scooters for beginners?

Razor Ultra pro

What is the best software to create a website for beginners?

HTML and css

What is the best Ipod app for learning Japanese?

Japanese for beginners

What is the best topic in creating a website for the beginners?

html and css

What are some good stock trading books for beginners?

There are many good stock trading books for beginners or those who do not know much about stocks or the stock market. The best book for beginners would be Stocks for Dummies.

What size clarinet reed is best for beginners?

The best for the beginners is to use a soft reed than what professionals usually use. The best size is 2.0 which is not too soft and not too hard. This will help you train your embouchure and your air control.

Which rabbit-breed is best for-beginners?

lopp eared but watch them very carefully or she might eat them and keep mama and babies inside.