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Q: What is the best route to take to get into oxford university to do medicine?
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What university is best for medicine?

Ofcourse Oxford is the best place to study Medicine but if you want to be realistic the next best place to go is Edinburgh University which is ranked 2nd Best University for Medicine in the United Kingdom.

Which are the best medicine universities in Europe?

Cardiff University Cambridge University Oxford University Imperial College Edinburgh Dundee

What is the best school in Oxford?

Oxford University

What are the best universities of medicine in UK?


What is best college or university?

Oxford and Cambridge University

Which university is best in UK to study MParm?

The best university would be oxford. it has a wide variety of classes and studies. the facilities at oxford are probably the best in the country and i would highly recommended oxford as your choice.

What is the best internal medicine school book?

oxford handbook of clincial medicine and hurst pathophysiology

Is Oxford university the best for philosophy?

The Philosophy Department of the University of Oxford is the largest in the UK and one of the largest in the world, with globally renowned experts teaching. It is certainly one of the best, if not the best.

Best university in English Literature?

probably oxford and cambridge!

What does the university of Oxford mainly focus?

Arts subjects are Oxford's best. E.g: Literature, History, Languages etc.

What is the best Business University in the world?

The best business school to obtain your MBA is Brown University. You can find out more information about this university at their website,

What is the best UK university to study geography at?

Universtiy College London and Oxford