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What is the best school system in Georgia?

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The best school system in Georgia is the one that has the infant section, primary school, secondary, school, and university. This school system tends to produce graduates who are all rounded.

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What school do you think is the best school in Georgia is for law?

Personally speaking, the University of Georgia.

What is the best school for a cosmetologists?

beauty school in atlanta Georgia

What is the best Georgia high school wrestling?

Dutchtown High School

What is the best school in forsyth county Georgia?

Midway Elemantry. It is the best school in forsyth county.

How are the school superintendents of each school system chosen in Georgia?

Local superintendents are appointed by local school boards.

Who are the best high school marching bands?

Lassiter High School and Kennesaw Mountain marching bands are the best in Georgia.

What is the best school in barnsley?

Kingstone high school in barnsley Broadway from Georgia burns Hague

Best school in dekalb county Georgia?

south west dekalb

If you want to learn working with dry wall where is the best trade school in North Georgia?

North Georgia Technical College is the absolute best in the area. You may also want to consider ITT Tech - Trade School.

What school is the best in Lebanon?

Well, it depends.....For American system, ACS (American Community School) is the best. But if you want to go to the Lebanese system or French system, IC (International College) is the best for Lebanese and French system.

Do you have to go to law school in Georgia to practice law in Georgia?

No, you do not have to go to school in Georgia. You will have to pass the bar exam in Georgia.

What country has the best school system?


Where can I find a dental school for dental work in Georgia?

The best place to find a dental school is by contacted the state health department in Georgia. You can also check out local universities and colleges.

Where is the best rated public school system?

Howard county school systems

Did children in Georgia have to go to school?

Yes, children in Georgia have to go to school.

When was Georgia School for the Deaf created?

Georgia School for the Deaf was created in 1846.

How many schools are in Georgia?

There are 2,487 public schools in the U.S. State of Georgia. 1,224 Elementary, 629 Middle, and 536 High Schools. There are 1,522,611 students in the Georgia Dept. of Education school system.

What state has the best public school system?

Of 2008, Maryland has the best public school systems in the US. Of 2008, Maryland has the best public school systems in the US.

Does the school systems in Georgia have immunity for lawsuits?

I don't think any school system does. There are lawsuits filed all the time against schools these days.

What is the best private school in Georgia?

Woodward Academy. By far the best. Superior education, grades prekindergarten through 12th grade.

When was University System of Georgia created?

University System of Georgia was created in 1931.

What has the author Georgia J Kosmoski written?

Georgia J. Kosmoski has written: 'How to Land the Best Jobs in School Administration' -- subject(s): Employment, Handbooks, manuals, Job hunting, School administrators, School management and organization, Vocational guidance

What is Turner Middle School's motto?

Turner Middle School's motto is 'The Best Middle School in Georgia'.

What are Georgia Tech school colors?

Georgia Tech's school colors are white and old gold.

What high school did Moisรฉs Arias go to in georgia?

Moises left Georgia after Elementary School.