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What is the best secondary insurance with Medicare?


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i have medicare A and B (plus wellcare for drugs).. I recently went on my husband's

insurance which became primary as his company has more than 100 employees.

Do i need this insurance? someone said i couldn't even do this? once on medicare

i will also be primary with medicare? thanks for your help


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Medicare becomes the primary insurance if you drop your employer insurance. Up until you drop your employer insurance, Medicare would be your secondary insurance.

after getting the payment from medicare (Primary) then secondary (X/Y/Insurance should pay even if there is no auth. And only this happens if secondary insurance follow medicare guidelines.

We have Medicare and added on Anthem. Does that mean Medicare is primary (Paying 80 percent) , and Anthem is secondary?

If you are working then medicare is secondary (always)

Every covered life, whether utilizing Medicare as primary or secondary insurance is subject to the same, annual Medicare deductible.

Medicare is primary if your group is under 20 lives. 20 lives or more and medicare is secondary to your employer paid group plan.

You cannot decide which insurance is primary and which is secondary. Their is nothing you can do to determine this. Within each policy it specifies when each policy is primary or secondary. With Medicare, it is always going to be secondary to insurance provided by an employer or retirement plan.

The answer to this question depends on what kind of secondary insurance you have - is it a group health plan? Is it a supplement? If Medicare is primary, there are still deductibles, copays, coinsurance that would need to be satisfied by your secondary insurance. Based on your question, I'm assuming that you have a group health plan with a copayment as your secondary insurance. If so, then yes, you would pay your copayment but it would not exceed the part B deductible.

Medicare is always the primary insurance unless someone is still working

Yes, If medicare pays more than the secondary insurance allows for a charge, the secondary insurance pays nothing. The balance is written off to a contractual allowance that is agreed upon between the provider of service and the insurance company via contract.

Co-insurance is the amount that can be billed to a member or another insurance the member might hold. With medicare, it's the amount that your secondary will get billed and whatever they don't pay you are responsible for. If medicare is your only insurance, that is the amount that you are responsible for.

Medical Insurance is best insurance to use with medicare. Because, In cause of any injury to your health you can get mediclaim by insurance company. I suggest you place where you can found right insurance company.

If you have medicare and you are a dependent on your spouses medical insurance policy then you would be primary under your spouse and Medicare would be secondary payor. There are a few circumstances where Medicare would be primary but very few (your spouse is covered under COBRA, the group is less than 20 members, or you have end stage renal disease.) Medicare is 99.99 % always secondary because it is a government program (much like Medicaid.) I hope this helps:) Evan

they can't actually "require" it but any insurance can contract with Medicare to be secondary, provided both parties agree

Medicare will often cover a majority of the cost, but not the full cost. You'll need secondary insurance to cover the rest.

Fall open enrollment is the best time to change medicare insurance plans. You can find out a lot of information about your different options by contacting a Medicare representative.

A Medicare carve out is the use of private insurance to enhance the coverage of Medicare insurance. There are several different plans to choose from that work along with Medicare to give the best coverage possible at the least amount of cost to the patient.

For people that are elderly, the best health insurance is Medicare. The medicare part B plan is the best for people of a very advanced age. There are also various medicare supplemental coverage by the AARP.

Effectively, yes. Even if you have other health insurance, Medicare requires that they become the first payer, and your other insurance becomes secondary. It is possible, but cost-prohibitive, to decline Medicare coverage.

No,, Medicare is not an insurance company. Medicare is a government program.

There is a wealth of information about medicare insurance jobs. The best place to get information would be your local medicare insurance office. Many employment agencies can also furnish information on these job openings.

Yes. Check the plan brochure for how much and what percentage.


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