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There are varying opinions on what ammo is the "best." Generally speaking, the best ammo to use is whichever ammo is the most reliable in your particular gun.

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Q: What is the best self defence ammo to use is pistols Federal or gold dot?
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What is the best ammo for a glock 17?

Federal premium ammo

What is the best ammo to shoot in a mossberg patriot 7 mm rem mag?

I have had good success with Federal rifle ammo.

Can a Taurus PT709 Slim handle plus p ammo?

The manual does not say either way, but most modern 9 mm pistols can handle +P ammo unless it is specifically prohibited. Best thing to do is to email the company.

What ammo is the best for 3006 savage springfield?

Best would depend on intended use. Federal makes good 30-06 ammo. Soft point for hunting, FMJ for target use.

What is the best ammo to shoot in savage 7mm rem mag?

federal premium trophy bonded tips 160g

What is best ammo to shoot in mossberg patriot 7 mm rem mag?

Try different brands to see what works best in YOUR rifle. Federal makes very good ammo that shoots well for many people.

What ammo works best on a 1957 high standard22LR sports king?

Federal .22 long rifle 550 round value pack is a great ammo for this gun it is18.98 at a walmart near you

What is the recommended best ammunition for a Springfield M1A 308 new gun?

depends on the use. Hunting? paper or home protection? Federal Winchester or Remington make ammo for this. There are surplus ammo you can find at a lower price them commercial hunting or match ammo. Make sure the surplus ammo does not have corrosive primers.

Which brand of 150 gr ammunition is the best for 30-06?

There is really no ONE "best" brand of ammo- some rifles like some ammo, other rifles, well.... other ammo. 150 grain is a bit on the light end for a 30-06, but you might try a box of Federal, Winchester, and Remington to see what works best in your rifle.

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What is the best way to make airgun darts?

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