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well i will tell you the top 10 mj selling albums. #1 is Michael Jackson-thriller #2 Michael Jackson-bad #3 Michael Jackson-off the wall #4 Michael Jackson- dangerous #5 the Jackson 5-third album #6 Michael Jackson HIStory:past present and future book 1 #7 the Jackson 5- ABC #8 Michael Jackson-invincible #9 the Jackson 5-maybe tomrrow and #10 Michael Jackson-blood on the dance floor:HIStory in the mix. so in case u didnt know which is the #1 Jackson 5 selling album of all time its the Jackson 5-third album. and yes third album is the name of the album. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON I love you.

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In 2004, Confessions by Usher was the best selling album. It was released on March 23, 2004, and was promoted with five singles.

Superunknown has been certified five times platinum in the United States and remains Soundgarden's most successful album

400 Degreez was the third album produced by Juvenile, a rapper based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. The album sold over five million copies and was the best selling album ever by Cash Money Records.

Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 (1969) ABC (1970) Third Album (1970)

Because they were doing an anniversary album of the Jackson 5 but Randy wasn't part of the Jackson 5. He joined when Jermaine left which they then called the band the Jackson's.

Tupac 7 days theory. that's the most selling album in history... and tupac all eyes on me..sold 9x platnium and subdiamond

1. Reasonable Doubt 2. The Blueprint 3. The Black Album 4. In My Life Time Vol.1 5. The Blueprint 3

I'm selling a jetta Volkswagen for 5

The top five best-selling books in 1999 were The Prisoner of Azkaban from the Harry Potter series, Speak, The Perks of Being an Wallflower, and Girl with the Pearl Earring. Confessions of the Ugly Stepsister also reached the top five.

* Most number ones from one album: Michael Jackson, Bad (5) * Most top five songs from one album: Janet Jackson, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 (7) * Most top ten songs from one album: Michael Jackson, Thriller; Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA; Janet Jackson, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 (7 each) * Most Hot 100 charted singles from one album: Taylor Swift, Fearless (11)

After having listened to Opeth for five years, I can say that Blackwater Park is the best album the band has released. Ghost Reveries comes in close second in my opinion.

the Jackson five started in 1964 and ended in 198

Stardust Five - album - was created in 2005.

Five - Fancy album - was created in 1990.

Five Stories - album - was created in 2001.

he did not create the Jackson five it was his father's ambition and desire of a better life for his family that created the Jackson five

the jackson five sold 10 records

Five Finger Death Punch's best selling song would have had to have been around 2011 when American Capitalist came out. It would have to be either Under and Over It or The Pride.**edit was to correct grammar and give correct information**

Five-O - album - was created in 1985.

Five-star - album - was created in 2001.

Michael Jackson is the best artist that ever lived! THATS WHY HE IS SO FAMOUS! Let me be more specific!He and the Jackson 5 made the best songs of the age with ABC, I want you back, I'll be there, and The love you save made the number 1 hit in uk and us EACH for a REALLY long time! Other songs also were "Mama's Pearl", "Never can say goodbye" and "Dancing Machine" which were also a HUGE hit!His first solo album, Off The Wall was a huge success with OVER 20 million copies sold worldwide and Michael Jackson became the first solo artist to get 4 songs in ONE album to reach the top ten songs of the Billboard HOT 100! He won his first grammy since the early 70's with Off the Wall, AND getting an award for the HIT new single Dont Stop 'Till You Get Enough!!!! And what more tops it off with it going 8X MULTI PLATINUM! And guess what? THIS IS HIS FIRST SOLO ALBUM!I DONT even want to start with his next album, but here it goes! THRILLER! Thriller consists with AMAZING HOT NEW SONGS LIKE BILLIE JEAN, HUMAN NATURE, BEAT IT, THRILLER, AND WANNA BE STARTING SOMETHING, THE GIRL IS MINE, P.Y.T(PRETTY YOUNG THING) ALL REACHING NO.1 IN BOTH US AND UK AND BEING A HIT SINGLE THE ALBUM WAS AMAZING, THE ALBUM WAS AND STILL IS THE BEST SELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME! IT GOT A RECORD BREAKING 8 GRAMMYS IN ONE YEAR!!!!!! IT IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER CREATED WITH A RECORD BREAKING 110 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLD WIDE! IT REALLY IS THE BEST SELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME!Right when you think Michael Jackson is at his weak spot... YOUR WRONG! Michael Jackson's BAD was A HUGE SUCCESS, PROBABLY A BETTER SUCCESS THEN OFF THE WALL WITH SELLING OVER 30 MILLION COPIES WORLD WIDE! IT IS THE ONLY ALBUM TO CONTAIN FIVE BILLBOARD HOT 100 SINGLE NO. 1 SINGLES! AS THE 80'S ENDED THE ALBUM GOT 2 GRAMMYS AND BEING RANKED NO. 43 IN MTV'S 100 GREATEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME! THE SONGS CONSISTED OF Bad,Smooth Criminal, Another Part of me, Man in the mirror(perhaps the worlds best slow song), Dirty Diana, I just can't stop loving you, librarian girl, speed demon, and his last song for the album the UNFORGETTABLE Leave me alone!Michael Jackson's skin may be getting different but SURELY not his albums!!!!!! DANGEROUS GOT OVER 32 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE, AND IT BECAME MICHAEL JACKSON SECOND BEST SELLING ALBUM!! IT BECAME HIS SECOND, AFTER BAD, TO REACH THE NO.1 ON THE BILLBOARD HOT 100 AND STAYED THERE FOR 4 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS! THE ALBUM ALSO WON A GRAMMY FOR BEST ENGINEERED ALBUM. DANGEROUS ALSO BECAME THE FIRST ALBUM EVER TO SPAWN EIGHT CONSECUTIVE UK TOP TWENTY HITS!MICHAEL JACKSON'S ALBUM HISTORY WAS COMMERCIALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY A HUGE SUCCESS, WITH SAILS OVER 20 MILLION COPIES WORLDWIDE! THE ALBUM WAS A SUCCESS WITH PEAKING AT NO. 1 IN TWELVE COUNTRIES INCLUDING UNITED STATES, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, AND UNITED KINGDOM! HISTORY IS ALSO THE BEST SELLING MULTIPLE DISC ALBUM BY A SOLO ARTIST, ALSO IT WAS NOMINATED FOR FIVE GRAMMY AWARDS AND WON ONE FOR BEST MUSIC VIDEO FOR SCREAM. IT WAS THEN REISSUED IN 2001 AND A NEW ALBUM GREATEST HITS: HISTORY, VOLUME 1 ALSO MADE AN ADDITIONAL 4 MILLION HITS!Michael Jackson's Blood on The Dance Floor became THE BEST SELLING REMIX ALBUM EVER WITH OVER 11 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLD WIDE, INCLUDING THREE BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEOS! BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR MARKED THE END OF THE 20TH CENTURY, AND IT MARKED IT WITH 6 UNFORGETTABLE ALBUMS!MICHAEL JACKSON THEN MADE HIS LAST NEW SONG ALBUM INVINCIBLE SOARING OVER 13 MILLION COPIES WORLDWIDE, YOU ROCK MY WORLD WAS ALSO NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY AS WELL AS THE ALBUM BEING MARKED AS THE ALBUM OF THE DECADE! MICHAEL JACKSON HAD ENDED HIS ALBUM STREAK WITH 7 NEW SONG HIT ALBUMS!MICHAEL JACKSON ALSO HAD ALBUMS THOUGH NOT DIRECTED BY HIMSELF, IT WERE INCLUDING HIS NO. 1 SINGLES! WITH MICHAEL JACKSON'S NUMBER ONES SELLING OVER 10 MILLION COPIES, AND BEING STAYING IN NO.1 IN US AND NO.13 IN UK FOR 6 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS!!!! THE ESSENTIAL MICHAEL JACKSON AND THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION ALSO SOLD OVER 8 MILLION COPIES TOGETHER. Other successful albums of Jackson's hits include "Visionary(itunes) and "King of Pop" and the album released 4 days before his death "The Collection" which included EVERY song he did in his WHOLE life! It was basically a collection of all his albums put in one!So lastly, next time you ask why is michael jackson so famous? THINK ABOUT THIS! LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP, ROCK, SOUL!*Micheal Jackson is famouse for popping while he dances and giving his awesome singing voice.He has many toures in his life and some people cried and fainted on some of his concerts.All people go crazy for Micheal.Micheal Jackson is named ''king of pop''.He is a great legend that everyone will remember in there life style.

They have won five Grammy awards, for:1995-Dookie-Best Alternative Music Album2005-American Idiot- Best Rock Album2006- Blvd. of Broken Dreams - Record of the Year2010-21st Century Breakdown- Best Rock Album2011- American Idiot: The Original Broadway Cast Recording- Best Musical Show Album

The Dave Clark Five - album - was created in 1971.

Greatest Hits - Five album - was created in 1997.

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