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Corsair's Titan as far as I'm aware of, there are three best VHF(very heavy fighters) in this game the titan as above the Sabre which you can get from planet Malta from the outcasts and the eagle (from freeport 9 omicron theta) all are good ships.

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Q: What is the best ship in the game Freelancer?
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Yes if you download Mod Manager 1.4 and the Discovery MOD then activate discovery you will be able to get battleships. And i will soon have made a Capitalship MOD so i link to a download for that soon

How do you get a Freelancer account ID when it says yours is not found?

You will be assigned a new FLID once you attempt a multiplayer game with a server. If you used to have one and have reinstalled Freelancer, chances are you will have lost the game the server was saved on, but you may be able to recover it based on the server admin permissions. Remember to check your FLID and write it down should you ever decide to reinstall Freelancer.

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Despite the fact that Freelancer is 10 years old and can be bought for as little as AU$6.95 (seen at EB Games store Melbourne, VIC. Australia), Microsoft have still to release the source code for developers to modify the engine completely and release it as a freeware game. This is typical of Microsoft as Freelancer has a massive online support and development community... they are still making money from the game.

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The Freelancer game does not require a serial number or a crack to work, only that the disc is present (or a mounted image). A No Disk crack may be available and some large mods enable the game to be played with no disk present.

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With any game, if it is talking to people by speech, you can freely download TeamSpeak and use it in conjunction with your online game. Otherwise, Microsoft Games: Freelancer is a hugely popular game since 2000 and is modified to such an extent that complete conversions are near possible... until Microsoft release the source code for it, it won't be fully converted yet. In Freelancer, there are chat options as well as combat and co-op options.