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Google translate

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Q: What is the best site to translate words?
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What site is best for translations?

Google Translate :)

In what website that can translate English words to Korean words?

Here's a site: (look below)

What site that I can generate Japanese romanji words?

google translate but its not that accurate sometimes

How do you translate Hindi words into English?

Please see the Related link below for a site that will translate Hindi to English.

Name of the best page of the world? is by far the best site in the world, its spanish, but you can just translate it with google.

What is a good website to translate english to french?

A dictionary site for individual words: A translation site for full sentences:

How do you translate Spanish?

You can go to a translate site like Babelfish or Google Translate, or have an interpreter do it for you.

Can Google translate translate words that are in capital letters?


How do you translate no negativity into Latin?

no negativity can translate to nullus negativa reference:

What does esta es mean?

The Spanish words esta es translate into English as the words this is. These words translate into French as c'est.

Is there a site where you can enter text and hear it?

Google translate

I need somebody who speaks chinese here please Just have to translate a fiew words?

In this modern world you do not need a Chinese speaker - have you tried Google Translate! Type "Google Translate" into the Google search bar and you will be shown a site where you can translate many languages, one into another using the power of computers.

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