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What is the best starter Pokemon in Pearl?

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2011-09-14 08:30:56

There are only opinions to this question, not facts. So MY

opinion is that Piplup is, because Empoleon turns out to be quite

strong. It has many, many types that are weak to it and nothing

that is EXTREMELY harmful to it. Go to http://Pokemon.marriland.com

for more info. On the left hand side of the home page click pokedex

under Diamond/Pearl and there will be a list of all the Pokemon in



Actually they are all great, but I like Turtwig and Piplup more

than Chimchar, considering almost every move that Chimchar learns

is Fighting and Fire type. Which makes it bad, because my Infernape

ended up having 2 Fighting type moves and 2 Fire type moves, but I

cancelled 1 Fire type move out with Rock Climb, which is also quite

strong, and it can confuse the opponent.

Turtwig is great at defending and attacking, but when it fights

with a fast Pokemon, it'll be dead by then. But its extra Ground

type when it evolves into Torterra will defeat Poison type Pokemon

with just 1 Earthquake, which I like.

Piplup is great at defending, but its speed and attack are not

that good. But its all quite balanced, though. The best attack it

can learn is Brine! You can think that it is quite weird for me to

like Brine, well, its because Brine will do double the damage when

the opponent's HP has only half or less left. Brine's will normally

do only 60 damage each time it hits, but if it gets doubled, it'll

do 120 damage, cool!

Okay, enough with Brine, so that's all I have, pick your


Oh if you want to choose Chimchar.

Chimchar has high speed and great attack, but its defense isn't

that good. And you must really get another great Pokemon, because

Chimchar really, learns a lot of Fighting and Fire moves, other

than different types. So it isn't really great if you want to

complete the game with just one Pokemon.

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