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The Taser C2 would probably be your best bet.

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Q: What is the best tazer for a woman for self defense?
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Is archery good for self-defense?

Archery is not very effective as a form of self defense. The slow reload time and relative clumsiness of any kind of bow makes it so that a knife, gun, tazer, pepper spray, or even just martial arts are more effective as a form of defense if attacked.

Is Self-defense is a defense to negligence.?

Depends on the situation... Of course, if a man was killing a woman through physical means or was about to commit such actions and the woman happened to have a lethal firearm and shot the man, then no it would not be considered neglegence. That situation of self-defense was valid and legal. But if a man had threatened the woman with violence instead or had no source of malicous intent to harm then no, she has no authority to use the firearm against the man. Self-defense would not be a valid nor legal choice. Calling the police in terms of threats is best in those situations. Using a weapon would not be. The term "self-defense is a defense to neglegence" is used to those who have claimed that they have commited self-defense when it was reality, it was murder since the "attacker" who did not commit any physical/deadly/malicious actions. Usually, letal self-defense actions are commited through fear of one's life. I hope this answers your question.

What is the best martial art for self-defense?

Martial art is only one, and the methods are different, the martial art is by essence self-defense, so if your method of applying the techniques is effective then your style is the best in self-defense. You can visit my Youtube channel for self-defense videos @elmolishow

Defenses against murder?

- self- defense - battered woman's syndrome - infanticide

Does self defense work for kids?

karate is the best self defence for kids

When a woman is charrged with simple assault and harrasment although it was self defense what happens?

She can claim it was self defense but will have to defend herself against the charge in court. See discussion page.

What is a good name for a company that sells self-defense products?

Fightback, A Good Defense, Best Defense, Defend Yourself

What is the best self defense hand gun In the 200-300 dollar range?

The Mossberg 500 series is the best self defense hand gun in the 200 to 300 dollar range.

Why do woman carry guns?

Normally, for the same reason men carry guns. For self defense.

Which is the best self defense martial art?

Chinese martial arts

What is the best self defense?

The best self-defense is awareness of environment and avoidance. .. but if you need to prepare yourself for everyday reality, than get involved in: Krav Maga - Odbrana - Systema -

What lessons do you learn in the police academy?

In police academy you will learn: Law, Report Writing, Emergency Vehicle Operation Course, Drug awareness (some science there), self defense, Less than lethal weapons training (Tazer, OC, Baton).