What is the best thing to cut your wrists with Or like the best way to make yourself feel pain?

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2014-02-17 06:36:18

First of all why on earth would you cut yourself but then back

then I would cut almost everyday cause I thought I was unloved and

uncared for but then I found out I'm not the only one who thinks

that. A million of people out there are bullied and are cutting

themselves. Do you really want to do that? Please don't. You're not

alone. I'm with you and I bet a lot of other people are too. It may

feel right when you are doing it but later, maybe even years later

and you see the scars it really wasn't the best choice. So please

don't, you'll regret it later. I promise you will

You're not alone: I've been cutting since about age 8, I'm

currently working with a therapist, getting over severe chronic

PTSD from being put through tortures so horrific as a child they

counted as "atrocities" when somebody finally believed me. Plus I

was neglected so I almost starved to death and suffered from

constant malnutrition for years. I would chew on plastic. But the

sexual abuse was worst. The authorities refused to help, I felt

utterly alone. Lately I've been thinking the whole world hates me

but the fact is most people are just going about their business. I

am learning to put it into perspective...

So this means I don't actually want to die; I self-harm because

I am in so much agony inside all the time my life is a constant

Hell. Can you say "Hell" here? Well. It is, but I'm fighting hard

to make it different. And here are so many others in the same

situation, in numerous countries across the globe!

THERE IS HELP OUT THERE, took me years to find it but I did and

you can too. PLEASE DO NOT CUT YOURSELF. Please find help.

Depression, rage, PTSD, all that; people say "Get over yourself,

you stupid Emo" as if it's all narcissism and that makes it hurt so

much worse the urge to cut is unendurable... But don't give in.

THEY ARE WRONG. It is a sickness and getting help is hard but it's

the only way. Bless you both, best of luck to you.

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