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cut willows till you can cut yews ~key

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On runescape, you must be level 60 woodcutting. You also have to be a member if you want to cut them down.

The best way for a non-member to level woodcutting is by chopping willows, you wont get much money from doing this but its the fastest way to level woodcutting (even in members) there are some willow trees located in Draynor near to the bank

No, armour does not affect woodcutting, only the hatchet you use, the tree you chop, and your woodcutting level affecct the results of woodcutting. Unless, of course, you are wearing or using special amulets, etc. However,I have not yet found an amulet of woodcutting.

Cut logs until you reach level 60. Cutting willows gives you experience fairly quickly. You may want to combine training woodcutting and firemaking (cut the logs, then burn them), but that will take longer than training only one skill.

Yes. In general, a higher woodcutting level not only gives you access to better logs, it also lets you cut them faster.

Getting your woodcutting level to 60 and cutting yews.

This entirely depends on what level you are starting at and what you are using to train the skill.

well usually level 61 or 62 or higher, depens on how many level 100 woodcutters are on there

cut willows until level 70 woodcutting then cut yews until 99.

That is not a glitch. That is telling people there total level. Like there woodcutting + Mining + smithing ect. level added together

According to the RuneScape manual you need:Minimum Requirements:Level 31 CraftingLevel 36 WoodcuttingUseful:Ability to kill a level 101 spirit

for combat, fight as high leveled monsters as you can without dying, and for skills, do the best thing you can for a long time. like for woodcutting, if you have lvl 68 and you are a member, cut ivy instead of yews.

Level 80 Woodcutting is a good level to begin cutting Yew trees in RuneScape. You can begin ealier than this if you wish to make some easy gp.

I can't say for sure, as I would need to know your exact xp total for Woodcutting, but it would be approximatly 60,250.

a " yew" is a tree and u have to have a certain lev. to cut them down you have to have level 60 woodcutting to cut a yew tree

Depends on your Woodcutting level, what axe you are using and how long you play per day.

In my opinion you should not start cutting magic logs until your woodcutting level is to 85+

Answer:Well There Are Many Ways To Train Woodcutting In Runescape But The Best Way Would Have To Be:Level 1- Chopping Normal TreesLevel 20- Chopping Oak TreesLevel 35- Chopping Willow TreesLevel 50- Chopping Maples (Members Only)Level 68- Chocking Ivy (Members Only)Level 75- Chopping YewsLevel 90- Chopping Magics If You Want Money. (Members Only)While Doing This Try And Use The Best Hatchet You Can And If You Get A Random Event Get The Experince Reward And Use It On Woodcutting.

Player Non-member: Level 126 Member: ( Summoning ): Level 138. Monster Non-Member: Hellhound, level 122. Member: Nex, level 1001.

simply just stay cutting the trees and dropping the logs until you reach the level you want, the maximum in tutorial is 3.

About twice as long as it took you to reach level 87 from level 1. Each level requires 10% more experience than the previous level.

Level 138, This is due to 99 Summoning.

To get your woodcutting experience up in RuneScape, first you must equip yourself with a usable axe. The first one available to you is the bronze axe. When you have one of these, simply walk up to a regular tree, and click on it. You will begin to cut it down. For every log you gain, you gain a certain amount of experience. It is the culmination of this experience that will advance you in woodcutting levels.

Look around the area, there should be roots that look like hands.

A master is a NPC (non-player character) which sells players who have reached level 99 in any skill the respective skill cape. For example, if you reach level 99 in the woodcutting skill, you can talk to the woodcutting master to buy a skill cape for 99,000 coins.