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A riding lawn mower or garden tractor will probably be best for a very large area of land. If the area is very large, you may want to look at farming mowers which will get the job done much more quickly

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Large land areas are called continents.

The narrow strip of land that will connect 2 large areas of land is called an isthmus. Many isthmuses have water on either side.

The only continent with no large desert areas is Europe, Europe has only small areas of arid land.

People who own large areas of land.

These large landmasses are called "continents".

The recent setting aside of large areas of virgin land in Alaska is an act of preservation.

A thin strip of land that connects two large land areas in and is surrounded on two sides of water is called an isthmus.

The spelling of the large land areas is "continents".

An Isthmus is a narrow strip of land joining two relatively large land areas.

Large areas of land must be cleared for mining, and it causes pollution of rivers and soil.

No, it is a strip of land that connects two large areas of land. It is a peninsula that you are thinking about.

there called continents like Africa or Asia

there are normally found in large areas of land and can be found in north america

There is not much data on how much fertile land is in Japan. However, it is known for its large amount of farming areas.

Shoreline areas are commonly defined as the interface or transition areas between land and sea, including large inland lakes.

They were in search of wealth (Gold, Silver, Land, etc.).

large land owners owned large land

Bodies of water have a modifying effect on weather. In the summer, coastal land stays cooler and in the winter, coastal areas stay warmer. This is a result of water's large heat capacity.