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get some royal purpal. 5w 30 or 10w 40... eithers fine.

2006-11-15 17:42:24
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Q: What is the best type of oil for a 1993 Eagle Talon DL 5-Speed?
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What is the cheapest and best cold air intake to get for a 1993 eagle talon es?

i recommend building your own go to Autozone etc and ask them what to do and what to get. it is cheaper if u build it , rather than buying a kit

If you where to put a turbo in a 1992 eagle talon what is the best type to put in?

The 14b turbo the TSI's come with stock.

Where can a person purchase a used Eagle Talon?

A person can purchase a used eagle talon at most used car dealers that you can find by searching for a used car dealership around a town or city. The person may want to search multiple areas for the best deal.

How do you install timing belt on 96 eagle talon?

It would be best if you let a pro install it as every crank has to be lined up for proper timing.

How hard is it to change the water pump on 95 eagle talon?

its not hard but time consuming best way to do this is to go get a chilton repair manual it will walk you through it

I'm putting a 93 eagle talon 2.0 std parts car into a 91 eagle talon 1.8 auto show car will the suspension and sub frame components match holes or are the unibodies too different?

From all the research I have done on the Talon I would say it should match up perfect. the 1990-1994 models are all the same. Your best bet would be to get the part, test fit it, and then install it.

How do you change a timing belt on a 1995 eagle talon turbo?

best way to go to parts store and buy a chilton repair manual $20 and it will walk you right through it

How do you get the hood open on a 1994 eagle talon when the cable is missing?

You can't, unless you try to take the panels off and find where the cable is. Your best option would be to go to a mechanic, they will be able to do it for you.

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Whats the best way to change the CV boots on a 1990 Eagle Talon?

The best way is to replace the complete halfshaft/axle assembly with a rebuilt unit. You will be done in no time. Replacing the boots is a chore and the cost of a rebuilt axle isn't much more than the boot kits.

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How do you locate and change thermostat on a 91 eagle talon?

the thermostat is located where the top hose of your radiator goes to the engine block under the aluminum housing. best resource for changing the the Hayes manuel for that year. cheap and good resource for anything YOU can do yourself

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