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SAE 10w30 any major brand full synthetic.

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If you are looking for more information on what is the best brand of riding lawn mower, the best place to look is on

Depends on the size of the lawn mostly. A push mower (or better yet a powered drive push mower) would have the best control in rough terrain, but if it is a large lawn a riding mower is better.

The best riding mower for hilly terrain is would be any kind of walk behind mower as you control it's movements, speed, and direction. However, if you have a large yard and want a riding mower newer LG mowers a good bet. An older option would be a Gravely Garden Tractor.

Unless otherwise specified by the owners manual, SAE 30 is a good weight oil.

Place mower near street with FREE MOWER sign. That is the best way to remove the clutch/drive on this POS mower.

form_title= Best Lawn Mower form_header= Keep your lawn beautiful with the best lawn mower! How often do you mow your lawn?*= {Once a day, Once a week, Once a Month, Other} Do you prefer a riding or push lawn mower?*= () Push () Riding What is your budget for a lawn mower?*= _ [50]

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The Husqvarna 24 hp 48 in. Deck Zero Turn Riding Mower is ideal for large yards but will cost you a bit more then it's competitors. It starts at around $2500.

John Deere. History of reliable products second to none in the industry!

well it may be possible but, i have to say NO! Answer For safety reasons, it would be better to have the mower repaired with the proper parts. Riding mowers at best can be dangerous, so make sure yours is running as it should.

When it comes to riding mowers, it is best to read the manual that is provided. but i would think that it would not be safe to use a riding mower when mowing a hill do to the chance of it tipping over. to be on the safer side of things a regular lawn mower will e the better choice

what is the best mower

Riding mowers can make an otherwise tedious job easy and even fun. However, before investing in a riding mower make sure that your lawn is large enough for it. A push mower makes sense up to a certain area. Then, sit down on the lawn mowers and stay there for a while. Do you notice any discomfort in parts of your body? If so, note it and then sit down on the next one. Are there any differences? Is it more comfortable? After a while, you should have found the best riding mower and, hopefully, the price is right too.

There are many great places to purchase a John Deere riding mower. The best place to purchase a John Deere riding mower is the popular retail store Lowe's.

There is none. It is probably best to look at one over 42" though that would also work, just less efficiently.

You need to specify which application you had in mind. When you say 'tractor', you could be referring to riding mowers, farm tractors, highway tractors, etc. The best highway tractor isn't going to be the best riding mower and vice versa, suffice to say.

In order to learn how to remove the real wheel on a Cub Cadet riding mower one may want to look on the Cub Cadet forums for advice. For a more efficient fix, though it will cost more, taking it to a lawn mower repair shop might be best.

Try going to and entering your model number there. That is the best place I have come accross for manuals.

Riding lawn mowers can take much of the work out of mowing large expanses of lawn. They are not perfect for every lawn, however. There are some things you should consider before you begin shopping for riding lawn mowers. Size of the Yard How big is the yard you need to mow? If it is a typical suburban lot, chances are you would have a difficult time maneuvering a riding lawn mower around your small yard. Lawns need to be at least a half acre before it is practical to use a riding lawn mower. Anything smaller than that and you will spend more time turning and manipulating the mower around tight curves than actually driving the lawn mower in a productive manner. If you are not sure what the size of your lawn is, measure a riding mower and then apply that measurement to your lawn. If the length of your lawn is more than three times the length of the mower you may be able to use a riding mower. Obstacles in the Yard Riding lawn mowers are difficult to navigate around objects in the lawn. If you have several trees or flower beds all through your yard, it may be impractical to purchase a riding lawn mower. Riding mowers work best when you have large expanses of clear lawn that needs to be cut regularly. If you still believe that you need a riding lawn mower and you have several items in your yard, make sure there is enough room between the items for the mower to fit through comfortably. Number of Lawns to Mow If you provide lawn service to more than one location you may find that riding lawn mowers can help make your life easier. Riding mowers cut lawns faster than traditional walking mowers, which can make it easier to get through several lawns in a single day. Riding a lawn mower is also easier on your back than pushing one through the grass of several lawns. The size and obstacles of the lawns will still make a difference in the practicality of mowing with a riding lawn mower, however, so make sure the yards you mow meet the proper criteria.

A riding lawn mower or garden tractor will probably be best for a very large area of land. If the area is very large, you may want to look at farming mowers which will get the job done much more quickly

It depends on what the exact problem is. The most common problem of this type can be solved by replacing the drive belts. If this doesn't fix the problem, it's best to take the mower to a professional.

10w30 Synthetic oil is what is best for any air cooled engine. You can also use straight 30w.

Not quite sure what you mean by 100% gas. If you mean straight gas out of the pump then yes, it is fine to run in a mower. I recommend an octane rating of 92 for best results and whenever possible no ethanol in the fuel

Sure. In early pregnancy you can still do just about anything. Your doctor is the best person to ask, though. Yes you can pretty much resume normal activity as long as its not something that you could possibly hurt yourself or strain yourself. I think a riding lawn mower is much better than pushing one!

Drain the oil, drain the gas tank, remove the battery, and then stand the mower up on it's end. The whole bottom is exposed. Remove the deck , and then you can change either belt you need to. Best bet is to get a user manual for the mower. The manual explains it all in detail.

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