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Unless otherwise specified by the owners manual, SAE 30 is a good weight oil.

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Where is oil filter on yardman riding mower?

Many riding mower don't have oil filters. If your's does it is on the side of the engine toward the bottom and probably on the left side as you sit on the mower.

6 hp yardman wont start when hot?

did you check and make sure you have plenty of oil. or maybe your lawn mower just needs a break.

Where is the drain plug on a yardman lawnmower?

Many Yardman Lawnmower models do not have a drain plug. If no drain plug is found the oil has to be removed by the oil fill tube.

Can you use 15w40 oil in ride on mower?

No, it is far to heavy. Use only SAE 10w30 or SAE 30.

Will low oil prevent from starting your toro horse wheel ride on mower?

Yes alot of the new motors have the oil level safety switch in them.

Can you use nondetergent oil in a ride on lawn mower with a Briggs and Stratton engine?

No, absolutely not. Use SAE 10w30 high detergent oil. Non-detergent oil will destroy the engine.

What is the Best style of lawn mower for hillsides?

A small push mower. A Lawn Boy Mower is best for hilly slopes because they don't have any oil in the bottom like a 4 stroke - the 4 strokes run out of oil if you run them on a hill, but the Lawn-Boys are 2 stroke.

Can I use chain oil in my lawn mower?

It is ALWAYS best to follow the manufacturers recommendation as to which oil you use. This way you will get the best out of your mower and hopefully, with a little regular maintenance and cleaning, it will give many years of good service. If you choose to use a different type of oil, you risk reducing the service you will get from the mower and you may even speed up its demise quite considerably.

Where is the oil drain on a craftsman lawnmower?

If its a push lawn mower. It has no oil release. The mower burns the oil. All you do is replace the oil when it gets low.

What type of oil does a riding lawn mower take?

What type of oil does a craftsman riding mower take

how much and what kind of oil for a sears push mower?

what kind of oil for a sears push mower and how much?

How do you change oil on craftsman 6.0 lawnmower?

youtube - push mower oil change.... oil plug under mower deck

What happens when you put oil in the gas tube of a lawn mower?

If all oil the mower will not start. If only a little oil, the mower may start but run rough and smoke very much.

Will gas put in a ride on lawn mower where oil goes ruin the machine and how should it be cleaned?

If you do not run it with the gas in the oil it wont hurt anything. Just drain the oil and put new oil in should run it for a little then change the oil again.

What is the oil to fuel ratio for a four stroke lawn mower?

4 cycle mower.... gas is separate from oil!

What type of oil do I run in a lawn mower?

You may want to check your manual for your particular mower. I used 30 weight oil in my old mower circa 1978.

How do you change poulan pro riding lawn mower oil?

One should first start the mower and let the oil get warm. Doing this will ensure that not much of the old oil is left in the tank. Next place an oil pan under the mower to catch the oil and then pull the plug pin. Let the oil drain out and then put the cap back in place. Refill the mower with new oil and the job is done!

Best Motorcycle Oil?

form_title= Best Motorcycle Oil form_header= Keep your ride running smooth with the best oil. When was the last time your oil was changed?*= _ [50] What type of oil do your currently use?*= _ [50] Do you change the oil yourself?*= () Yes () No

Where do you put the oil 317 john deere riding lawn mower?

where do you put the oil at for a john deere 317 riding lawn mower and what brand of oil

Do you need to mix fuel for lawn mower to start?

No for your lawn mower you will just need regular lawn mower oil.

How do you remove the oil drain plug on a craftsman eager-1 self-propelled 6.75 lawn mower?

The best way to change the oil on a Craftsman Eager One lawn mower - 6.75 HP is to buy a Toro.

What oil is recommend for 14Hp vanguard ride on mower engine?

40 to 100+ is straight 30 weight -20 to 100+ synthetic 5w-30 or 10w-30

Woods mower filter 71066?

Woods Mower hydrostatic hydraulic oil filter

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