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What is the best virtual horse game where you can ride a horse and show you actually riding?


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riding club champions is ggod, but after a while you have to pay


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A Virtual Horse, yep, that's what it is called :) the good thing about it is that the horse don't die lol.

It can. Gymnastics requires balance and strength, just like riding. However, like the answer beneath me, horse riding improves horse riding the best- but it's not necessarily the only thing to improve riding. No not really. Horse riding improves horse riding. That is pretty much it. It is so unique in itself that it is the only thing that will improve itself.

shoes with a small heel riding boots or jodphur boots are best

Secret of the Magic Crystals and Paws and Claws: Pet Vet are some of the best virtual horse games. This is according to the reviews provided by various users.

There is a number of horse back riding places around. Depending on where you live and what you want out of horse back riding lessons. The best is the Ceader lodge and also Jeffery Wilms ranch.

hmm... I'll try my best to explain. The definition is - to ride a horse. This being to sit on their back, and ride and control the horse. The back being -horse BACK riding. When I say riding I mean to get the horse to move to your will. Such as turn when you want it to turn. :) hope this helps somewhat. :) x

yes It is a very happy and exciting time when you are riding Horseriding is by far one of the best sports you can do

Horse riding and geometry are most commonly related using Pythagorean Theorem. Which can help calculate the best take off point for show jumping

The best place to ride a horse is sitting on it's back, preferably on a saddle.

The best way to find out is to go try it on.

In a ponytail... it would look pretty :)

Hacking when referred to horses is is a term for light riding or alternatively, English riding as opposed to trail riding or Western riding. The best bet is to look for the local equestrian club.

A good type of horse for riding is one that is sound and can accomplish the type of riding you wish to do. A good horse should also match your riding level.. for example if you are a beginner chose a mount who is a school master (well trained) and not spooky to help you learn and gain confidence in the saddle. A good horse for riding is also a horse that can accomplish the task you wish to do while riding for example dont pick a horse that cant jump if you wish to be jumping courses etc.. So long story short all horses are good its just a matter of finding the horse that works best for what you would like to do.

* as a best friend * for riding * for dressage * for competition it really depends on what type of horse it is. Visit my bio page

I would say the American Quarter Horse. Yet, it still depends on what type of riding and competition that you are refering to.

If you are a beginner to horseback riding it is best to start with a older horse. One that has already been trained for what you are wanting to do.

4000 BC is the best estimate, according to most zoologists.

well if you like horse riding then to you it may be but everyone has different opinions

Think you are great and you can only try your best and your best is your best but if you don't win you know you have tried your best.

Any horse can be used in any division of riding, really. However, Quarter Horses and Appaloosa's are two breeds often used in reining and western riding. All the same, I do Hunter Jumper and Dressage riding and use a Quarter Horse so I would recommend them because they are versatile and can be used in multiple divisions though they are most often used in western riding.

yes they do . they are one of the best countrys in the horse riding buisness. if you are stationed in germany, you will see horse stables in every town.

actually a Tennessee Walking Horse is the very best for a beginning rider, calm, surefooted and even gait.

You can start when a child is about the age of 8, however the child may start earlier if it has almost no fear of falling off a horse, but I still think 8 is the best.

If you are a beginner the best kind of horse to use is one that is already broken in and is around 7-10 years old. If you want to race your horse you want to get an Arabian or a thorough bred. If you want a horse just to ride you might consider a quarter-horse. A good horse for jumping is a warmblood.

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