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What is the best way for a 12-year-old to lose weight fast before a big event?

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THERE IS NO GOOD WAY. A 12 year old is TOO YOUNG to lose weight "fast". I assume this is in preparation for some kind of athletic event, and drastic weight loss for a Wrestling match or other competition is asking for trouble in an adult, let alone in a growing pre-adolescent. Talk to your doctor for specific advice.

2006-08-06 22:42:34
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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! The best way to lose weight, especially before the big event is to make your workouts fun and find foods that are healthy and delicious. Staying positive will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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You can't, without landing in the hospital. Even with the best diet and a certified nutritionist you could probably lose 16 lbs at best (2lbs a week) If you want to look thinner for a particular event, like a reunion you can lose the water weight by doing a cleanse a few days before the event- but the weight will return - FYI you must be extra careful to stay hydrated when doing any cleanse.

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Weight loss is hard, and everyone does it in different ways. Weight loss should always be tried first before making such a big decision as surgery. They both have pro's and con's and only you know what would be best for your body.

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Bodies and minds go through stress both before and after weight loss. Before weight loss, many people are mentally affected by the appearance of their bodies. During weight loss, the body is going through several mental and physical changes. Therefore, it is important to take care of both body and mind before and after dieting. The best way to lose maintain weight loss is with support. Discuss all weight loss plans with a doctor before embarking on a diet. If there is a mental impetus to lose weight, such as poor self-image, manage that with a counselor before and after losing the weight.

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Why is eating carbohydrates before a race beneficial?

Yes, but carbohydrates should be eaten the night before or a good five to six hours before an event or activity to give the body enough time to break down and use the carbohydrates to the best that it can.

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If you are not in the best of health, weight lifting could be life threatening to you. See your Doctor for a health exam before you start any exercise regimen.

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You can consult your physician for healthy weight loss options. Since your doctor should know your body best he can recommend a plan suitable to your needs.