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The best time for character Autographs is early morning. Get to the park about 30 minutes before opening and line up at the character-greeting areas. You will sacrifice prime touring time, when the lines are shortest at major attractions, but for many kids the characters ARE the main attraction. Keep your eyes open when you enter the park. There are often rare characters hanging around Main Street. Also grab a "Times Guide" by the front. Some characters only sign autographs in certain location at set times.

Disney is increasingly concentrating characters in one location like the Hall of Fame at Mickey�s Toontown Fair, instead of having them wander throughout the park, as in years past. This creates long lines of cranky kids and tired parents waiting for each photo and autograph. Meeting the characters, taking photographs, getting autographs and waiting in the next line for another character burns up a lot of time. Lines for autographs at Toontown, Minnie-Mickey and Animal Kingdom are as long as those for any attraction.

If your kids are adamant about autographs, realize you will sacrifice some time � maybe a lot of time � seeing other attractions. Consider setting aside a specific time (2-3 hours) each afternoon for autographs. Or, devote one entire morning or afternoon just to characters. If your kids are primarily interested in a single character like Mickey or Goofy, a character meal is probably the best option. It may be worth looking into a character dining experience. You are guaranteed every character on duty at the restaurant before you leave.

There are also characters at the Epcot Character Spot. It is usually less crowded than the Magic Kingdom counterparts. You can almost always catch Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale.

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"All" the characters? Get an annual pass and be prepared to spend a couple of weeks at the park. Not every character is necessarily out every day (you can pretty much count on Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto every day, but others are more random and there are a few that are generally only trotted out for special events; I'm an annual passholder at the Disneyland Resort and I think I've only seen King Louie, to name just one example, one in ten years). If your kids are heavily into a specific character, try asking at your resort/hotel concierge desk to see if that particular character is scheduled for one of the parks on one of the days you will be there. It may be a better idea to set expectations on the low side before your visit; promising Mickey and/or Minnie is likely fairly safe, but it's wiser to leave any other specific character at "we'll see if we can find him/her".

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Q: What is the best way for kids to collect autographs from all the characters at Disney World?
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