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  • Singing ABBA songs at people in a highpitched, tuneless whine usually irritates sufficiently.
  • If it's a man you want to annoy, just hide the tv remote.
  • Try staring at the person without speaking.
  • Every time the person speaks, say "what?" each time they repeat it, as though you can't hear what they are saying.
  • For someone to continually strum their fingers on a tabletop drives me nuts!
  • If it is a sibling just take stuff from their room that realy bugs me.
  • Knock on their door then hide in your room until they go back in their room then do it over and over again.
  • Call them from a friends phone pretending to b a celebrity or their crush.
  • Act like you have amnesia.
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Talk in a squeaky voice and like he is a baby. Works every time.

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Q: What is the best way to annoy someone?
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What is the best way to stop being friends with someone?

To tell them you dont want to be friends with them. bout then you will have to tell them well. or just ignore them or annoy them til they dont like you no more.

What does it mean to annoy someone?

To annoy is to irritate, to bother, to cause discomfort.

Meaning of conscience getting the best of you?

meaning 1. someone taking advantage of you. 2.someone irritate you or get under your skin, they really annoy you.

What is the best way to annoy a doctor?

ask alot and alot of questions than he will get frusterated lol

What could be the best way to annoy someone you don't like?

well it matters how they care about you if they have a crush on you get your boyfriend or girlfriend to help you rub it in their face if you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend try asking them out then if they say yes dump them.

Why do some kids yell in the hallway at school?

The number one reason kids yell in the halls at school is to annoy teachers and other students. This would be a great way to get attention or show off. Not really the best attention though. Other reasons are; to talk to someone far away, get someone's attention who is far away, show off, get attention, annoy teachers, etc.

How do you ignore an annoying person?

An annoying person is usually looking for attention. The best way to annoy them is to ignore them. If they continue to annoy you, ask them to leave or you can leave yourself.

How do you deal with a best friend that is starting to annoy you?

if they areclose enough you can tell them if not try to tell them in a easier and nicer way

What is the best way to annoy a McDonald's Cashier?

Well what I would do is ask for soup, broccoli, and 50 McDonald's McNuggets

What does buzz mean in spanish?

there's no appopriate translation but if u meant buzz in a way "to annoy" someone, the spanish word is molestar.

Why do sisters like to annoy their brothers best friend?

Sisters usually annoy their brothers best friends because they either have a HUGE crush on them or they just hate that person so much they annoy them.

How do cause someone stress?

Annoy the hell outta them