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More than likely, the clog is a clump of algae / mold. A solution of bleach and water cold help reduce the growth. A quicker solution is o replace the line, but it may not be accessible

AnswerHere's an excellent video on how to clean out the line. It's got a ton of hits and many compliments. It helped me last summer. Saved about $150 on a service call.

AnswerThe Easy Way To Clear Your A/C Drain Line
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Q: What is the best way to clear a clogged condensate drain in a central air conditioner?
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What is the best way to clear a clogged condensate drain in a car?

I use a shop vac and reduce the vacuum hose down to fit the drain tube and suck the dirt out.

What can you do if your central air has water condensing all over but the drain going outside is clear?

Depending on your installation, I'd say two things: either your condensate drain pipe is clogged, or it does not have the proper pitch and is not draining by gravity. (Or if you have a condensate pump, it's not working) Sounds like you may have a loose or missing piece of insulation on the inside of the unit and the exterior of the cabinet/ductwork is getting too cold and is sweating as a result.

What is the antonym for clogged?

Clear or unclogged.

How can you clear clogged ears if they are clogged from water?

Probably the best thing to do is to be patient and let the water clear on its own. Another way is to lay down with the clogged ear on the pillow, or let your ear rest on your palm. Let it warm, and the water will drain out.

What could cause clear water to leak from under dash of 1982 Oldsmobile 98 when air conditioner is running?

The Drain on your evaporator housing is clogged and has nowhere to go so it fills up and drains inside your car...

What is the clear liquid not water leaking from under engine 2001 V70 Volvo?

A/C condensate?

Why do your clogged sinuses clear up when you are in the shower?

The steam from the shower acts as a decongestant which helps clear your sinuses out. Taking a hot shower is often recommended by the doctor when your sinuses or airways become clogged.

Why Air conditioner drains into Chrysler Town and Country on passengers side and get carpet wet?

Most likely a clogged evaporator drain. Have a mechanic with a lift clear the drain tube. Expect to need the evaporator core replaced soon.

How do you clear a clogged cat converter without removing it?

If the converter is clogged it must be replaced. You cannot unclog it either on or off the vehicle.

Central ac unit drips water?

you probably have a blocked drain line or if you have a condensate pump you should check to see if it's full of water. if the trap is blocked just blow it out or run something flexible through to clear the blockage.

What to do if main line is clogged?

Rent an auger and clear it yourself or call a plumber.

How do I clear a clogged sink drain?

You clear a clogged sink drain by using a plunger. You can also use liquid plumber to help with more difficult clogs. If a clog is exceptionally tricky they sell professional strength chemicals to unclog sinks.

Why is central air unit sucking the water from the a- coil down and dripping on the motor It shorted out your breakers and you replaced them The water drain is clear What is causing this hard vacuum?

The condensate drain on the a-coil should have a trap and the trap should be vented for proper operation .

How do you clear a clogged iac valve?

A bit of the old carb cleaner dose the trick.

What causes AC condensate to leak on the passenger floor and how do you fix it?

The usual cause is a condensate drain that is plugged. You should be able to crawl under the car and poke something up through the drain to clear it out. Another possible problem is the drain pan is cracked or broken allowing the condensate to drip. This would require partial disassembly of the dash to replace.

How do you repair a clogged windshield washer system?

I doubt the hose if clogged, but if it is, simply disconnect it and blow through it until it is clear. More than likely the spray nozzle at the end is clogged with car wax. Clean it out with a small pin or needle.

Does sodium carbonate react with alcohols?

Yes. I tried it with isopropanol. No gas evolved, but there formed on the bottom a clear thick condensate (which I have yet to identify). The liquid remained clear as well.

Can you clear a clogged drain line with a plumbers snake if you have a disposal?

By going through the TRAP co

What happens when you have low potassium?

if your low in potassium, then that means that (some) of your arteries are clogged. you see... if you have at least a banana everyday, you clear 1 arterie from getting clogged. or anything else with poassium in it.

What are some examples of solution?

Some examples of solutions are clear shampoo, clear conditioner, clear nail polish, a glass pane, olive oil, or a certain type of juice.

Clear clogged condensor drain on a 2005 Nissan altima?

give me a picture where ac hose is located

Will ammonia help clear a clogged drain?

no but baking soda and vinegar does. Draino works better though.

Taking Bactrim..How Long Before Ears Will Be Clear Of Fluid?

Antibiotics do not always clear a clogged ear. If it does not clear on it's own you can try to clear it using a neti pot and nasal spray - I have written the instructions here on the web site

What is the best way to clear a drain clogged with pasta?

Using a product such as Drano is a great way to unclog a drain.

What type of profession will help unclog a clogged toilet?

A plumber will unclog a blocked toilet. Due to the expense of calling a plumber you would be advised to try and clear the blockage yourself using a plunger or a plumbing snake to push the blockage through the toilet outlet.( A plumbing snake can be fashioned from a wire coat hanger). Another way to clear a clogged toilet is with baking soda and vinegar which is added to the toilet bowl and can help to clear blockages. If the toilet is clogged by a blockage that has occurred in the pipe work to the sewers then you will have to employ a plumber to solve the problem.

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