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Q: What is the best way to conserve worldwide freshwater resources?
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How do you conserve physical resources?

The best way to conserve physical resources is to not use them. The less that is drawn from the Earth the more that can be conserved.

What natural resources filter water the best?


What helps conserve non renewable resources by reducing your need for minerals?

The best way to conserve non renewable resources is to recycle them. To reduce your need for minerals you can find substitutes.

What is the order of the environmental 3R's used to indicate the best ways to conserve natural resources?

raw, resource

What actions can a person take in order to best conserve fossil fuel resources?

ride a bike to work

Best way to conserve natural resources?

The most fundamental way to conserve natural resources is to use family planning to limit the number of people who will be using those resources. An increasing global population will inevitably use an increasing amount of resources, no matter what other conservation methods are used. Everybody wants to consume resources.

What one way to conserve resources and reduce waste is to?

The best way is to reuse the item, sometimes called "repurposing."

What is one way to conserve resources and reduce waste is to?

The best way is to reuse the item, sometimes called "repurposing."

What are the solutions to the problems regarding physical resources?

One of the solutions is to educate people on the best way to use and conserve resources. Another solution is to enact laws aimed at protecting physical resources.

Why do you need to conserve ocean resources?

because the fish and some of our supply of food comes from there and if we didn't conserve that would we have a source of food? no. so when you see pollution in the ocean, its best to take it out and throw it away.

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California is a best Translation in the world. Translation California has the expertise and resources to assist you in all of your language needs worldwide.

What are the best 5 slogans to conserve nature?


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