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Either braces or adding tooth colored filling to each of the front teeth. That will close the gap, but the front teeth will apear bigger. Go to the dentist and orthodontist and have consults about which would be better and how much each would cost.

AnswerA few months ago I came across a website called "". I couldn't believe at first that I could close my gap for only $16.95. However, I decided to give it a shot anyways. To my surprise it worked amazingly. I started to notice results after a few days. Now my gap is completely gone and I am all smiles.


Their bands are cheaper and they have free shipping

Hey they do work but for alot of people the gap reopens, have your dentist put glue in the back of your teeth to keep this frm happening, or you can even get a special retainer made

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Q: What is the best way to fix a gap between the two front teeth?
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How do you fix a gap between your front teeth which is already a bridge?

Get Braces.

How do you fix a gap in front teeth?


How do you fix gaps in my front teeth?


How much does it cost to fix a gap between your two front teeth?

It depends on the insurance company, how much they cover, and the company that is willing to fix it.

Are there strips to fix a gap between my two front teeth?

They're called Teeth Gap Bands.You can get Teeth Gap Bands. It closed my gap in 3 weeks.

How can you fix multiple gaps between your teeth?

Go to your dentist. He can fix anything. If not then he can refer you to a cosmetic dentist. I have a gap in between my two front teeth and my dentist fixed it and it looks natural. Veneers are a great solution for tooth gaps.

How do you fix a gap in your front teeth for kids?


How do you fix a gap in your front four teeth?

get braces

Could a dentist fix a gap in the front teeth without the teeth separating again?


What is the name of gap between two front teeth?

A game in your front teeth is usually referred to as a diastema. The term is most commonly applied to an open space between the upper front teeth (upper incisors). The best way to fix it is to wear orthodontic braces or to use a teeth gap band called Orthofill which seems to work for many people. technically known as a midline diastema ____________ It's called diastema. You can fix diastema or teeth gap with non latex elastic bands from It costs only $19.99. It closes gap in less than a month. It closed my gap in 3 weeks.

How do you fix a gap between teeth?

get braces lol

What are the main reasons teeth get discolored and what is the best fix for this?

the germs turn the teeth yellow and the best treatment is to clean them.

How do you fix front two big teeth turned inward?

Braces yah?:)

How do you fix gaps in the front and sides of your teeth without getting braces?

you cant

Can your regular dentist fix the gap in your front two teeth?

Yes but if your yong like say 7-12 just wait for the two teeth beside your two front teeth to grow in and they will push it together

Do you need braces if your front top teeth overalap your bottom but your bottom middle teeth stick out too?

yeah you do. i need them and my teeth do that, you need braces to fix all that.

When I want to fix the gap between my 2 front teeth but they are crowned is it ok to use bands to bring them together?

Talk to your orthodontist or dentist before doing this yourself.

Can a retainer alone without braces fix about a half a centimeter gap between your front two teeth and the two next to them please answer ASAP thanks?

I have braces now and I don't think a retainer would fix gaps because retainers are meant to keep teeth in place after having braces, they aren't meant to move teeth !! Sorry man

How do you fix big teeth?

i have 2 large front teeth and they are longer and wider than the rest of my teeth and they stick out what can i do that can make my teeth shorter and thiner and make them go in so they dont stick out as much, what can i do?

How do you fix the gap between your front teeth if you have weak gums?

Unfortunately you may need to get spacers or braces. But if it's a little gap it'll close up on it's own.

Can you still get braces even if your teeth are straight and you only need to fix an overbite and line up your lateral incisors with your two front teeth?


How do you fix a gap in teeth?

Teeth gap can be fixed by cosmetic dentistry. There is a technique in cosmetic dentistry called bonding, which is used to fill gaps or fix chips in teeth. Braces also helps move your teeth closer together, it helps in closing any gaps in between your teeth.

Is it normal for your two front teeth to pull apart when you have braces?

Yes, it happens while trying to move other teeth. When the orthodontist finds it, or is doing fine tuning with your teeth, s/he will fix it.

How do you fix gaps between your front teeth and what is an approximate cost for it?

Most likely you'll need braces to close the gaps. But it's possible they could be fixed with tooth colored fillings or a veneers/crowns. You'll have to go to an orthodontist or general dentist and see what is best for your teeth and your finances. Cost can very greatly depending on the state and doctor you go to.

Can you get a filling on your front teeth?

No i dont think so but you can speak to the dentist about it theres bound to be somthing they can do to fix it :) x hope i helped