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Take I-290 to Peace Bridge. Once in Canada take QEW East to Toronto. If you are heading to the northern Toronto suburbs or to the Pearson Airport follow the 407 toll way east after you go over the bridge in Hamilton off of the QEW. Or take I-190 North to Lewiston Bridge then to the 405 to Qew east to 403 to 401 down to Toronto.


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See for Buffalo Bus schedule to airport in addition to buss from Toronto to Buffalo Bus station

Qew west to hamilton.continue on qew.then merge onto the 405 to Lewiston Bridge .then to I-190 N .exit at Route 33 Arrive at Buffalo,NY

Don't look now, but you'll never make it from Buffalo to Toronto on Highway 401, because 401 doesn't come anywhere near Buffalo. The highway from Buffalo to Toronto is called the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW). If you want to avoid traffic, drive it in the middle of the night, around 2 to 4 a.m. Morning and evening rush hours, from Hamilton to Toronto the QEW is more like a parking lot.

Detroit is about 4 hours from Toronto and Buffalo is about 2 hours from Toronto.

Technically, Buffalo airport would be the nearest but there are no flights from Toronto to Buffalo.

Driving Distance Buffalo to Toronto is 154 km / 96 miles.

QEW to Buffalo/I-20 to Erie, Pa./I-79 to Pittsburgh

According to google maps, it is approximately 100 miles or 160 km from Toronto to Buffalo.

I takes about 1 hour and 54 minutes to drive from Buffalo,NY to Toronto,Ontario,Canada.

Take the megabus! It leaves from Downtown Toronto and goes directly to Buffalo Airport.

The driving distance from Buffalo, New York to Toronto, Canada is about 98 miles / 158 km

No. You cannot catch a ferry from Buffalo to Toronto. You can catch a bus. Takes around 1.5 hours.

We need to travel from Toronto to Buffalo Airport on 5 Sep and Buffalor Airport to Toronto on 6 Sep 2009

Yes. Take the train from Toronto to Buffalo, New York. Take the train from Buffalo, New York to Chicago, Illinois. Take the train from Chicago, Illinois to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Or go to Amtrak .com Via Rail .com and see if there is another way to get from Toronto to Minneapolis.

According to Google Maps it is a total distance of 103 miles (166 km) from Buffalo, New York to Toronto, Ontario.

No. They will play the Chicago Bears at Toronto.

The quickest and easiest way to get to Buffalo from Toronto is the QEW Hamilton, which changes to QEW Niagara. Take that to the Lewiston Queenston bridge and enter the United States, following the I-190 South until you reach I-290 East. Take the I-290 to the I-90 West to Exit #51E, Route 33. Take Route 33 right to the Buffalo Airport. The Buffalo Airport is about 2-2.5 hours from Downtown Toronto.

I-476 to I-81 to I-90 gets you to Buffalo. Then I-290 to I-190 gets you to the Canadian border, where I-190 turns into the 405 freeway, which takes you to the Q.E.W. to Toronto.

There are bus tours and you can also fly to Buffalo New York or Toronto Canada. Driving is a nice way to go too as you can see other sites along the way. You can go online at for more tips and guides.

take amtrack

Roughly 90 miles, or hour and 30-45 minute to drive. Depends a lot on where in Buffalo and Toronto as they are large areas.

Yes, there is a ferry. It takes 37 minutes from Toronto to downtown Buffalo, including the eight second plunge as the ferryboat goes over Niagara Falls.

150 km crossing the border at the PEACE BRIDGE (toll) into FORT ERIE, ONTARIO, CANADA, and then taking QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) to Toronto. The QEW in Toronto becomes the GARDINER EXPRESSWAY.

The answer to the question will completely depend on how quickly the person wants to get from Buffalo Airport to the Toronto Airport, and how much they are willing to spend.The options below range from a Taxi which is the most expensive, but quickest, to bus and rail that will be cheaper, but take longer.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Niagra Falls Taxi" has a list of pricing, including: Buffalo to Toronto Airport area $168 USD-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I live in Toronto and would NOT recommend taking a US based taxi from Buffalo to Toronto airport. Way too expensive.The MUCH better way is to take an airport cab to the Buffalo Greyhound bus station, then go by Greyhound bus to the Toronto downtown bus terminal and then get on the Toronto air port express bus that goes every 20 minutes to the airport. Travel time....Buffalo to Toronto 3hours, and 30 minutes to the air port from downtown terminal. Cost in total about $70 CDN. Which equals about $50 USD.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Amtrak: $80 US There is one train per day from the Buffalo airport to Toronto. Leaves at 3pm from Buffalo and arrives in TO 8pm. From Toronto to Buffalo, it leaves 830a and arrives 110p. The Depew bus station is the one closest to the airport.Greyhound: $70 US There are multiple buses throughout the day from Buffalo to Toronto.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Buffalo Airport Limousine Service, $160 to Toronto airport or downtown.Their price can seat up to 4 people with luggage.Gtaa Taxi Toronto also offers Toronto to Buffalo Niagara Airport at $160.00.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Check out Megabus.They go around 2-3 times a day from the Buffalo Airport to Downtown Toronto. Check out the website as I've found the bus prices to fluctuate anywhere from 9 - 30 dollars. From there, you can use the TTC options to the airport.Megabus is by far the cheapest way (compared to 175 for taxis etc) you can also get directly from TO downtown to Buff downtown or BUFF Airport -so that's great - their site megabus updates info- BUT BEWARE with border crossings it can take a long time on any type of transportation -especially when they have to clear 20+ people before you can continue- so plan accordingly.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Greyhound busses now go directly to the Buffalo Airport and take you to Toronto (with stops at Buffalo greyhound station, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, St Catherines and Grimsby).The Greyhound schedule is more often than Megabus and competitively priced (if not on a 1$ Megabus fare).

100 miles or 160 kilometers.

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