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Driving north on the Interstate Freeway 5 to the Canadian border followed by Highway 99 north to the city of Vancouver, takes approximately 6 h. Distance is about 525 km. Allow more for rest stops, etc., and lineups at the border.

Alaska Airlines and Air BC (connector subsidiary of Air Canada) fly between the two cities. The flight takes less than an hour.

Amtrak runs trains up the west coast from Portland to Vancouver. Only one train a day (from Seattle) makes it as far as Vancouver. Otherwise there is a bus connector from Seattle to Vancouver.

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  • A trip by boat from Portland, Oregon, to Vancouver, British Columbia, is probably the slowest way to go. Unless, of course, you consider riding on mule back. You can drive from Portland to Seattle, in about 3 hours. You can drive from Seattle to Vancouver in about two and one-half hours, plus whatever time you need to spend clearing customs at the border.
  • Vancouver Washington is just north of Portland across the Columbia River. Take I-5 or I-205 bridge and your there. For Vancouver BC Canada I-5 north and a ferry from Seattle or Anacortes.
  • From SW PORTLAND, OR to VANCOUVER, WA: take I-5 North to I-84 East to 1-205 and cross the 205 bridge -- signs to Vancouver are frequent and easy to follow.
  • There is a wonderful Amtrak train that goes from Portland to Seattle, and then another train that goes from Seattle to Vancouver. Very scenic (along the shore for much of the trip) and relaxing. Takes about 8 hours from Portland to Vancouver (see, just about two hours longer than driving. Makes very short (2 min) stops at several cities along the way. If you go, pay the extra money for "Business Class". Free food/drink tickets, bigger seats, reserved seats, no children. Well worth it.
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Q: What is the best way to go from Portland Oregon to Vancouver British Columbia?
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Where is Vancouver situated?

Vancouver, British Columbia, is located in south-western British Columbia, at the mouth of the Fraser River, on the Straight of Georgia. British Columbia is the western-most province in Canada. Canada is the northern-most country in North America, and the second biggest country in the world. Vancouver, Washington, is located on the Columbia River, opposite Portland, Oregon.

How long to drive from Portland Oregon to Vancouver British Columbia?

It is 314 miles and an estimated 5 hours and 31 minutes of driving time according to Google Maps.

How far is it from portland Oregon to Columbia river Washington?

Portland, Oregon is located right on the Columbia River ( or next to) . The Columbia river forms the border between Washington state and Oregon. So, Portland is very near the Washington state line. The City of Vancouver, Washington is just north over the WAsh/Ore border or just over the Columbia River.

Why is George Vancouver important to Oregon?

George Vancouver was explored and charted the Pacific coast of North America, including that of Oregon. In addition to Vancouver, B.C. and Vancouver Island, there is a smaller city named after him in southern Washington State, directly across the Columbia river from Portland, Oregon.

What is the best way to drive from Portland Oregon to Vancouver Oregon?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no Vancouver Oregon. Vancouver is a city in the state of Washington. It is n easy mistake as Vancouver Washington is a suburb of Portland Oregon. The fastest way to get there is across the interstate 5 bridge. It's about 10 minutes from downtown Portland.

What is the flight distance between Portland Oregon and Vancouver Canada?

The flight distance from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, Canada is 258 miles / 416 km

How long is a flight from Vancouver BC to Portland Oregon?

A flight from Vancouver to Portland would take about 1 hour.

Is there a place called Vancouver Washington?

I lived there for 32 years. It was founded in 1825 by the Hudsons Bay Company, a British fur trading firm. I predates the city in Canada with the same name. Vancouver, Washington is across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

Is Vancouver in Washington or Oregon?

Its in neither. Its on the lower left corner of Canada *Actually there are two cities that share the name of Vancouver. One of which is in British Columbia and the other one is in Washington State. In fact Vancouver Washington was established some thirty years before Vancouver British Columbia was. *

Where is the setting in twilight movie?

Vancouver Washington and portland Oregon

What are some features in Vancouver Washington?

Vancouver, Washington is a suburb of Portland, Oregon, sitting on the north shore of the Columbia river. Historic Fort Vancouver is within walking distance of downtown. There are many parks, wetlands and a lake.

Columbia river where is the location of the river?

the Columbia river is in Washington state and originates in British Columbia and flows through gorges it created to its mouth in the Pacific near Portland, Oregon

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