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You can microwave 4 tea bags in a large coffee cup and then let them seep for 10 minutes. It is a strong one!

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Can you drink an energy drink when its hot?

yes you can drink an energy drink when it is hot.

What are the advantages of having a blender to make an energy drink or smoothie?

Free energy drink and/or smoothie

Why does ice melting in your drink make your drink cooler?

Melting requires energy: the heat energy in your drink is used to melt the ice.

How much does an energy drink cost to make?

The average energy drink in California is running approx. $2.83 to $2.99

How do you make a homemade monster energy drink?

you dont

Do energy drink make head BLEED?

So energy drinks effect your head?

Is there a way to get energy on virtual families?

You can buy the energy drink which will make them hyper or let them take a nap for a minute. (The energy drink only comes once in a while.)

How do you make an energy drink in zombie burger the gmae?


Does the energy drink monster make your penis smaller?

yes !

Can an energy drink make you high?

Yes. One time I chugged down a Monster Energy Drink, and it made me feel loopy. Then later I felt sick.

What would make the winners of The 39 Clues series the most powerful?

See the serum if you drink it you become powerful (Hint) The serum is all the clues COMBINED

Is j20 a energy drink?

It's not but it does make me feel less tired. It is a soft drink made from fruit juices

Will an energy drink make a kid go hyper?

Yes it will en make an Elder hyper

Can you drink coffee while dieting?

drinking coffie is actually best when your dieting the coffie gives you energy to excericise and move. but i must tell you not to drink it everyday because sometimes it could make you crash. hope this answer your question:)

What is the most powerful energy in the world?

there are many types of energy such as kinetic, elastic potential & magnetic but as you should know, energy is never the same, there is an infinite amount of energy in the universe but it never dies, only changes and there isn't necessarily a more powerful energy such as the core of the sun HAS more energy than the core of the earth which would make it more powerful yet this is only because there is more of it in the sun's core. energy would only be more powerful if you increase the ammount there.

What can happen to you after you have had Zoloft phentermine Ativan and a monster energy drink?

Your brain will be screaming "will you please make up your mind??" if you take Zoloft, phentermine, Ativan and a Monster energy drink together. If the Zoloft is a regular medication, then you can take that out of the equation. The phentermine and energy drink will be stimulating your nervous system and the Ativan will be sedating you. Maybe the best way to describe that combination would be "wide awake vegematic."

Do energy drinks helps you?

People Say That Energy Drinks Make You Hyper Or Lively, I Think That Is Just Wrong Because They Have Just Got That Idea In Their Heads Because Of The Name Of The Drink ''ENERGY Drink''. I Always Drink Energy Drinks But I Dont Seem Any Different Or More Intellegent.

Do energy drinks make you drowsy?

an energy drink can make you drowsy but that's only if you burn of some energy but it would be hard to believe that it eould make you drowsy by its self.... i guess it depends on how much you have had

What is the monster energy drink logo?

Claw marks that make a letter M...!!

How much do monster energy drink companies make a year?

132,754,376,487,362,123,761,234,796,352,932,654 a year

Can monster energy drink make you come out dirty on a pee test?

Yes it does

Why do athletics drink energy drinks?

Because it has the function to give an energy gain to the person who drinks it. Nowadays many people drink this drink whether athletes, simple people who practice the sport. In short the Energy drink can be drunk by everyone feels a little tired or they are on the point of make a physical effort.

Is 5 hour energy drink safe?

Personally, I believe it isn't. Think about it, instant energy? All you would be doing is putting chemicals in your body. Unhealthy. The best thing to do to get energy is get at least 8 hours of sleep at night, and eat healthy, and make sure to drink water (8 glasses a day, which is about 64 ounces).

What happens to a guinea pig if you give it an energy drink?

Energy drinks contain sugar and caffeine both of which will make your guinea pig sick or worse. Do not allow your pet to consume energy drink in any amounts.

How do you make a powerful love potion?

Take a glass of any drink (lemonade for example) and give it to your target. Tell them it is a powerful love potions. Tell them it will not harm them in any way. Tell them they will fall deeply in love with you if they drink it. The power of suggestion and that you went to all the trouble to get them to love you will probably get them to be attracted to you, if they drink it.

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