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Moving CartDepending on the disance, size of doorways, if stairs have to be negotiated. I would think a cart similar to those used at Home Depot, to move plywood, and such would work. Calling the place where it was purchased and getting their input, would probably be helpful.You could simply put a couple of blankets around your t.v if its flat screen then in a box with bubble wrap. Second OpinionIf you have a lot of helping hands, have 5 or 6 relatively strong guys (or girls) carry the TV by hand. It's cheaper, free (in some instances), and may be faster than doing it yourself or with 2 people. Two Ways depending on type of TVIf trying to move an older bulky TV by yourself the only safe would be using a hand truck or dolly. Pad with some blankets & you should be fine. Your flat screen TV is another story. Be careful of the screens. Do not put any kind of bubble wrap or plastic on the screen. It is always best to keep the original box & packing materials for transportation of these newer flat screens. The weight is not usually the issue.
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Q: What is the best way to move a large TV from one apartment to another?
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