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You're going to have to cater to her ego.


Sadly, while that course may preserve the marriage it won't preserve the relationship.

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Can a marriage last with a narcissist husband?

Of course, but it may not be pleasant for the wife . . .

If a mans wife has a girlfriend who is a narcissist and the man asked her for a date would she tell his wife?

She should. If you want to date other women, it is best to divorce your wife. Then you can date, and be a decent person.

How does a narcissist treat his wife?

He (or she) probably doesn't have a wife and/or a husband, due to the fact that they only love themselves. +++ Unfortunately some do, as another contributor here has said of her marriage to one, making the relationship an unhappy sham.

Would a narcissist sleep with his best friends wife?

Its not right to do so , but I know it happens being my ex's mother slept with he brother in law from her second marriage and destroyed a family temp. and 5 years later they remarried and have a very healthy relationship since she is out of their lives!

How do you deal with a narcissist ex wife?

Two word for dealing with her -- NO CONTACT!

Who is the best wife of prophet saw?

Khadija (May Allah be pleased with her) is the best wife of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). She remained as his only wife until her death after 25 years marriage with the prophet.

Why would a narcissist cheat with his best friends wife?

Because he can. OR - Simply because he feels like it. Narcissists are pathological. They have no remorse, no feelings, no empathy and NO BOUNDARIES.

What unusual object did Shakespeare's leave to his wife in is will?

William left the second bed to his wife. This was the marriage bed; the best bed was in the guest bedroom.

Which goddess is the wife of zeus and protector of marriage?

The wife of Zeus is Hera she is also the protector of marriage.

Which goddess was the wife of Zeus and protector of marriage?

Hera is not only the protector of marriage, she was also the goddess of fertility, childbirth, marriage, and was the queen and wife of Zeus.

Is the second marriage illegal if the wife truly dead?

If the second marriage was performed after the first wife died then the marriage is legal. However, if the marriage happened while the first wife was still alive (and still married to the person (ie not divorced)) then the second marriage is illegal even if the first wife is now dead.

Do you believe trophy spouses in Britih columbia should receive support if they divorce?

Of course. "Trophy wife" is not a legal term and the husband of a "trophy wife" certainly received many benefits of marriage (and then some) pursuant to his marriage to her.Of course. "Trophy wife" is not a legal term and the husband of a "trophy wife" certainly received many benefits of marriage (and then some) pursuant to his marriage to her.Of course. "Trophy wife" is not a legal term and the husband of a "trophy wife" certainly received many benefits of marriage (and then some) pursuant to his marriage to her.Of course. "Trophy wife" is not a legal term and the husband of a "trophy wife" certainly received many benefits of marriage (and then some) pursuant to his marriage to her.

How do you deal with your narcissist wife?

There is an excellent source for dealing with narcissists at: http://www.narcissists-suck.blogspot.com

Who is the goddess of marriage and is she is the wife of Zeus?

Hera is the goddess of marriage. She is the wife of Zeus. Their children include Hephaestus and Ares.

Who is the goddess of marriage wife of Zeus?

Hera is Zeus's wife (as well as one of his sisters). She is the goddess of women and marriage.

Who is the best woman to have an affair with?

Your wife. Imagine the relationship you could have if instead of looking outside your marriage, you looked within.

Which goddess is the goddess of marriage?

Hera, wife of Zeus,she was the goddess of marriage.

What are the uses of marriage?

marriage is best of uses in life without marriage you can't leave better life leaving . marriage is a one typy of relation ship husband & wife .& love care full to each other . Indian Marriage http://www.matrimonyhouse.com/Public/CitySearch.aspx

What changes after marriage in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

Your wife or husband will live at your house and their schedule will change. I think if the wife had a job, they don't after marriage, unless you are the wife. After 2 seasons of marriage, the wife finds out she's pregnant. Umm and you are no longer a bachelor or bachelorette.

Husband and wife relationship?

Husband and wife relationship is called a marriage.

Is Smokey Robinson on his second or third marriage Who is his current wife?

This is Smokey Robinson second marriage. His current wife is named Frances.

What if your husband was never annult from his first wife and he married a second wife who is his legally his wife now?

If the first marriage was never legally terminated (though divorce or annulment), the first marriage is still valid and the second marriage is invalid.

Does second wife have any rights to deceased husband's house that was acquired prior to marriage and is in a trust with his children's names as beneficiaries?

If the property is owned by a valid trust it is not part of the decedent's estate. The purpose of the trust was to protect and preserve the property for the children. The second wife has no rights in the property.

Did Stephen Harper have another marriage?

No. Laureen is his current wife and his only marriage.

What to do if your wife makes plans to cheat?

ANSWER:First of all, how do you know that your wife is planning to do something that can and I know it will ruin lives and your marriage? One thing you need to do, make time for your wife so you can talk to her. I do not know the story of your marriage, but for sure a person can only do that if you never gave your wife attention and time. This is your best shot to make things alright before she really do it.

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