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Hey I am currently putting a chain drive motor on my shaft driven four wheeler and I am going to use a 90 degree gear box which used to be a steering box from an old dump truck I got. That gear box would probably work for you as well if you put a sprocket on the output side and hook the input shaft to your motor with a u-joint. Hope that helps

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A motocycle hs got chain to move the tires what is der in cars?

They have drive shafts.

How many types of drive in two wheeler?

Shaft, belt or chain & sprocket

Do you have to be 21 to drive a motocycle in ga?

No Not Really!!

What cars had chain drive?

Virtually all cars built before 1900 had chain drive, the engine had been mounted in the rear near the drive axles. As of 1910 most cars had the engine in the front, a drive shaft became more practical than chain drive.

Does jeep 4.7 engine have a timing belt or a chain drive?

Timing chain

How old do you have to be to drive a 4-wheeler?

a four wheeler what?

Does a 2003 Harley Sportster have chain or belt drive?

A 2003 sportster has a chain drive for the promary, firm the engine to the transmission, and a belt drive final drive. The final drive is from the transmission to the rear wheel.

Does a fiesta flight 1.3 have a timing belt or chain drive?

Hi , it's chain drive whatever the engine has the camshaft in the basement or overhead...bye

What can you drive on the road without a license?

Honest... there isn't much. I think you can drive a mini-motor(minature motocycle) on the road.

How old do you have to be to drive a four wheeler?

i have an 11 year old son and he drive his brothers ex-girlfriends four wheeler and i think he just has to be mature enough to drive a 4-wheeler

Is there a chain in a car engine?

it really depends on which engine. some engines use chains to drive the camshaft(s), whilst others use belts. Some use belts (for the cam(s)) AND a chain to drive the oil pump

Can you drive a 18 wheeler with a class a license?

That's the class of licence you're required to have in order to drive an 18 wheeler...

Does a 2002 Suzuki Aerio have a timing belt or chain?

Timing is done by chain with an automatic chain tensioner. The accessory drive is a belt located on the front of the engine.

Does 2005 Saturn have a timing belt or chain?

it has a timing chain, which should be towards the bottom of the engine, and it has a drive belt, which is external and in the front.

Does the timing belt drive the distributor on a 2000 GM 4.3L V6 Vortec engine?

The 4.3L V6 GM engine does not have a timing belt it has a chain, and it does not directly drive the distributor.

Does the BMW 318is 1997 e36 m44 engine have cambelt or chain?

The BMW M44 engine uses a chain to drive the two overhead camshafts. You can see a good illustration at

Where is the timing cha in located on a 1997 cavalier?

The timing chain is on the front of the engine. Your drive belt tensioner pulley is bolted into the timing chain housing.

Can you drive a 3 wheeler on a provisional license?


Do you need a motocycle license to drive a moped in nebraska?

Yes you will need a motorcycle license to drive a moped in Nebraska. A motorcycle license is also needed to drive a motor scooter in Nebraska.

Does a 1992 Honda Accord have a timing chain or timing belt?

this engine has a belt drive timing system

How do you drive an 18 wheeler?

1) Crank the engine. 2) Release the brakes. 3) Put in gear, and take off. 4) Stop. 5) Set brakes. 6) Kill the engine.

Does a 1986 sportster 1100 have belt or chain drive?

It is chain drive.

Does a 1994 Mazda B3000 have a drive chain?

Yes, it has the old V engine style, camshaft is at engine block, not like the 4.0L wish has a cam over the head and timing chain at the front and the back of the engine. The 3.0L is the easiest to replace 1 small chain at front of the engine, also change the sprokets, those waer also a timing could not be perfect. Timming chain with sprkets and oil seal for the crank and chain cover gasket

Is it legal to drive a 4 wheeler on the road in Georgia?


How do you drive a 18 wheeler down a mountain?

You dont