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Kerosene and plenty of it. After removing all the pitch, wash the car throughly and wax.

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How do you remove dried latex paint from a wall?

You usually cannot without ruining the wall surface. Easier to simply paint over with a good primer, then proceed with finish coat.

How do you draw a design on hardboard and then paint over it without getting the marks mixed in with the paint and ruining the shade?

Draw your design with a carpenter's pencil.

How do you remove oil paint of bricks?

Oil paint will soak into bricks, therefore it is impossible to remove without degrading the brick.

What do you use to paint a vinyl pool liner?

Why? You can't drain the pool without ruining the liner. If the trim is sun-faded and you want to paint that, ask Benjamin Moore. Be prepared for some expensive paint, though.

You want to paint your black les paul les paul gold without messing about with sanding and so on?

you cant without ruining it sorry :( -- well paying someone to do it

How do you remove paint from brushes without using chemicals?

you can buy paint that the brushes can be washed out with water.

How do I remove paint from a cast iron table?

You can remove paint from a cast iron table without degrading the value by using a special paint remover. It can be done relatively easily.

Why use Sand blasting?

To roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants. i.e. to remove paint from a vehicle.

How do you remove rust off a car without stripping the paint?

stripping the paint? i do say this is a profanity! B: Ospho

How do you get paint off the rims of a car?

You could remove them from the vehicle, dismount the tires and have the rims sand blasted.

What household item will remove fingernail polish without remover?

paint thinner

How do you get adhesive off a helmet without messing up the paint?

Using a mild remover like Goo Gone will remove most adhesives and residue without harming the paint.

Does WD-40 hurt your car paint?

Supposedly it can actually be used to remove vandalism spray paint from your car without hurting the original car paint.

How to Remove paint from asphalt?

Paint can be difficult to remove. To remove paint from asphalt a person needs to use a variety of paint thinners, depending on the type of paint that has been spilled.

How do you get tape adhesive off of car paint without damaging the paint?

A rag with some Goof Off on it will remove any tape adhesive without damaging your paint. -I've tried it on 3 different popular cars, it works.

How do you remove sharpie from a star wars figure without taking out the paint?

You have to remove the liv trogtj nvor4hgrtewhgo and suck tmnythy lollipop

How do you remove oil based paint from a brush?

You can remove it with paint thinner.

Can you use paint thinner to remove paint from wood?

No. It will no remove paint. Lacquer thinner will, but not effectively if there is a large amount. You will scrub and scrub. You need a thick paste or gel (paint stripper) to remove heavy paint or paint in a large area.

How do remove armour all so it will take paint?

Paint thinner will remove it.

How do you paint the edge between two walls using two different colors without the paint bleeding?

After you paint one, let it dry completely, then put paper tape on the edge of it and paint the other. Then remove the tape.

How do you stick things on your wall without ruining the paint and needing to do lots of shopping?

Ever see the commercials for the 3M Command Strips? Yes, they really do work, and they really are as simple as the commercials claim.

Why can soda remove paint?

I think,it is completely remove paint and lubricants from metal , easily remove, low expensive

Can you use paint thinner to remove paint from wood trim?

Yes you can use paint thinner to remove the paint on the wood. 2nd Answer: No, paint thinner will not remove paint from anything. Most paint is now water-based, anyway. Paint thinner does just what the names says: It thins oil based paint if the paint is too thick for some reason.

How do you remove paint from leather furniture?

You can use turpentine to remove paint from the leather furniture.

Remove oil-based paint from stucco?

You don't remove it. You have to paint over it.