What is the best way to teach a six year old how to print?

There are some great books at the library and you can pick up some writing workbooks from Walmart or Target. There are platelets that you can trace from and have fun with. The best way to learn anything is by example. Make a game of it. Sit down, get out some paper, crayons, colored pencils and write a letter and tell the child that the game is called copy me. What ever letter I write then you write it. Then ask the child to do the same...Good luck, have patience and it takes time and heart. Repetition, repetition..... What the educational system never seems to understand is that some children can learn from hearing instructions while other children learn from sight and being shown. The best way to teach your child is to make place-cards. Print the name of whatever the item is such as "a school desk" and then a picture of it beside it. As the above poster stated go to Walmart or Target to get books, but be aware of your child's interests. If he's interested in Spiderman then simply buy him a comic book and sit by him and help him read. He'll be excited enough to know what Spiderman is up too that he'll make more of an effort to read.