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Wet it, and then dry it with a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment.

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2010-10-12 18:23:20
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Q: What is the best way to wave your hair?
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What is the best way way for a male to get wave in his hair?

Same way as a female, with a perm. A body wave is the same thing as a perm, it is just done on bigger rods.

Can you wash your hair after curling?

yes but your hair will be way less curly. more of a slight wave. i wouldn't recommend it.

What is the best way to perm your hair?

wash your hair

What is the best way to get your hair straightened?

?! Hair straighteners

What is the best way to communicate with other drivers?


What is the best way for you to get your hair straight fastest?

the best way to get your hair straight faster is to use a straight iron and then use hair spray and gel

which hair is better, body wave or deep wave hair?

Loose deep wave hair has a full, healthy appearance with lots of sheens. Deep wave hair textures are similar to body wave in that they flow in a regular weave, but they have much tighter curls than body wave. If you are planning to add extra volume to your natural hair, deep wave hair is the perfect choice because it blends well with your hair and looks thick and bomb. Again, you must treat your deep wave hair as you would your natural hair to prevent shedding and tangling. Deep wave hair texture flows have smooth waves that look really luxurious and add volume to your hair. The benefits of deep wave human hair include: The deep wave human hair extensions are made of 100 percent virgin remy unprocessed human hair that has not been chemically treated. There are no tangles, sheds, or other unpleasant odors in the deep wave hair. Under proper care, your deep wave hair has a long service life. When worn, the effect is very unique; it gives a different feeling than other hairstyles. Deep wave hair has a natural luster that is both beautiful and glamorous. Celebrate your valentine's day with Indique hair because we offer you the best human hair deep wave hair texture at 20% discount.

What is the best way to remove hairspray from your hair?

wash your hair

Is washing your hair the best way to prevent head lice?

No using hair treatment is the best way to prevent lice.

How do hair texturizers work?

The same exact way relaxers do. Chemicals alter your hair & make the wave or curl pattern loosen.

What is the best way to find a good hair stylist?

The best way to find a good hair stylist is to talk to your friends and family members about their hair stylists and get their opinions of how well their hairstylists do their hair.

What is the best way to get weed out of your hair?

The best way is to take a really long shower.

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