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What is the best weapon in RuneScape?

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June 07, 2010 5:49AM

There are many good weapons on runescape. For ranged, darts and

throwing knives are pretty good and fast. Magic short bow is good

too and has decent speed and ranged bonus. crystal bow from roving

elves quest is pretty good and probably one of the best bows in the

game, al though it is a little expensive, it uses no ammo.

For meleeing, abyssal whip is a good option, but it does not

train strength. It is fast, and has pretty good bonuses. Saradomin

sword has the same slash and strength bonus as whip, but it does

train str, but its also 2h, it has crush bonuses too and prayer

bonus, as well as a good special attack. God swords are one of the

best weapons since they have really really high bonuses, and are

really strong, but they are a bit slow, but they special attacks

are powerful and some have special abilities like healing, reducing

stats, or freezing. god swords are popular on pvp for their


PVP weps is the best but the effects are that they only last for

30 mins =[ there are also weps like the barrows arm veracs- hitting

through armour/prayer and dhorka- hitting well over 1100lp but u

have to have a low hp to do so

the strongest weps that arnt pvp is the chaotic Maul, fairly new

wep from dungeoneering this crazy weapon is 1.8X the strength of a

godsword! so each time it hits likes like a AGS spec, this weapon

can be countered with a special dungeoneering shield that has a

effect of 20% less damage (depending on which shield)

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