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132,274 showed up to set a record for fight attendance, and they watched Julio Cesar Chavez fight Greg Haugen in Mexico City.

Several other title fights took place that night including Michael Nunn and Dan Morgan.

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How do you get into professional boxing?

fight of course

Who retired fom boxing after only one professional fight with Floyd Patterson?

Lester Johnson

What is the drifrence between amateur boxing and professinal boxing?

In amateur boxing the rounds and whole fight are shorter and you must wear headgear. in the pros it is longer fights with longer rounds. In the amateurs you are not allowed to win money after a fight if you do you are then considered a professional fighter.

How much can you get paid in boxing on your first professional fight?

A professional boxer will be paid about $500 per four-round fight. If a fighter takes part in a six-round fight, they will make about $750. An eight-round fight will have a fighter earning between $1,000 and $1,500.

How do you get sponsorship for professional boxing?

All major cities have fight clubs and that would be a good place to start. You can start your search by typing in "boxing clubs in _______" whatever city you are near.

What boxing heavyweight champion of the world never lost a fight?

Rocky Marciano never lost as a professional in 49 fight winning 43 by KO or stoppage.

What was the most breaking news in boxing history?

The biggest and most publicized boxing news story was probably Mike Tyson's fight against evander holyfield in which he got his ear bit off. Supposed to be a rematch from their first fight at MGM.

How much do immature boxers get paid?

10-20 mil per fight.... ie mayweather.... the biggest baby in boxing

How much money do professional boxers get per match?

It depends apon the level at wich you are boxing. It could be $300.00 per fight,....It could be $30,000,000.00 per fight.

What year did Muhammad ali win his first boxing match?

He won his first professional fight in 1960 and his first amateur fight aroun 1952 aged around 10.

Did Henry Cooper fight John Staples as an amateur or professional?

I'm trying to find out if UK Heavyweight Boxing legend Henry Cooper fought a John Staples as an amateur or professional?

Was there a boxing fight on May 13 1975?

No well known professional boxing match occurred on May 13, 1975. However, Ray Lewis, the NFL linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens was born on that day.

In what year was the last bare-knuckle fight in professional boxing?

The last sanctioned bare-knuckled fight happened in 1889 when John L. Sullivan defeated Jake Kilrain.

How to get a a boxing fight?

kiss another mans wife in front of him..this never fails... always can give you a boxing fight

What is the biggest ever weight and height difference in a title fight?

the biggest height battle was in boxing, haye vs valuev. valuev was 7'2, and haye was 6'7. valuev is the wba heavyweight champion.

How old was Laila Ali when she became famous?

Laila Ali was 18 when she began boxing in 1996 (born 1977). Her first professional fight was in 1999.

When did david haye start boxing?

Haye turned professional in 2002, his first fight was in Bethal Green, London; a win versus Tonry Booth.

How do peacocks fight?

The fight like chickens, boxing with their legs

What is the lightest weight of boxing gloves for boxing in ounces?

Sparring gloves may range from 14 oz to 20 oz, while bag gloves, amateur and professional fight gloves range from 8 to 10 ounces.

Why is boxing called boxing?

it because the fight in a ring and that's like a box

What is Kali boxing?

Kali is Filipino boxing. It is very effective in a street fight.

Is there professional boxing or MMA in Europe your friend and you are going to Europe in June Barcelona Berlin Amsterdam and Paris and were looking into seeing if you could catch a fight?

There is professional boxing in Europe and mixed martial arts, so you may catch a fight, or even an amateur one. You would need to check for the dates you are in those cities and checking the different international organisations for boxing and mixed martial arts in the countries those cities are in to see if there are any fights on around that time.

In what city did Joe Louis begin his boxing career?

Joe Louis' first professional fight was in Chicago, Illinois on July 4, 1934. He first became involved with boxing after his family moved to Detroit from Alabama in the mid 1920s.

How old do yo have to be to not wear a helment in boxing?

once you turn professional you dont wear it but as long as you fight amatuer you must always wear it no matter what your age

Is pacquiao vs margarito the main event?

Yes, it is. Pacquiao (along with Mayweather jr) is the biggest name in the sport. And it could be the fight of the year in boxing this year.