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What is the biggest living or non living thing in the sea?

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Which is the biggest living or non living thing in the sea?

The biggest living thing in the ocean is a humpback whale

Is the sea fan living or non living thing?

It is a living invertabrate

Is sea anemone living or non living?

Non living

What non living things live in the sea?

Obviously there are no non-living things living in the sea; or anywhere else for that matter.

Which of these are not a living organism earthworm ecoli virus sea cucumber?

Of all these things, the virus is the only non-living thing. Viruses are not living organisms. E.coli is a bacteria and living.

Is the sea anemone a living thing?

yes sea anemone is a living animal

Is a blue whale the biggest thing in the sea?

Yes, the blue whale is in fact the the biggest living thing animal the world has ever seen as mature adults may attain a length of more than 90 feet and weigh more than 130 tons. The biggest living thing is reported to be a fungal network in Oregon...see link

What is the biggest living sea creature?

blue whale

What kind of non living freshwater animals are in fresh water?

a sea star is non living

Are sea cucumbers non-living or living?

They are living things.

Which is the biggest animal living in the sea?

The largest living animal in the ocean/sea is the Great Blue Whale. At least in gross weight.

Is sea a living thing?

The sea itself is not living due to it not having any cells or organic compounds

Is a Sea cucumber a plant?

no its a living thing

Is a sea cucumber a living thing?


Are sea creatures a living thing?

Of course it is!!

Is sea shells nonliving?

yeah, sea shells can be living things as it once could be a part of a living thing and now has fallen off and when it is fallen off it is no longer a living thing.

What are the non living things in sea?

when talking about non living things we are talking about abiotic factors. In the sea there can be numerous things. Two obvious ones would be the amount of sunlight that is in the sea and the water itself is non living. You can also say that the amount of salt in the water is also an abiotic factor.

Is the seahorse the lowest creature in the sea?

no!! the lowest living thing in the sea is a fish

What are the non living parts of the environment?

Land sea & air

What kind of non-living animals live under water?

well really there are no non-living things living in the sea; or anywhere else for that matter.

What is the rarest creature in the sea?

A Megalodon shark (biggest still living dinosauric species)

What are ten non living things under sea?

corals sponge

What is the oldest living thing at 4900 years old?

sea grass

What size is a leatherback sea turtle?

6footThe leatherbaack Sea turtle is the biggest kind of reptile living in the Sea. It can get up to 6 feet long.abot 3ft

Which sea is the biggest in the world?

The biggest sea in the world is the South China sea.