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The full-length black covering is called a Hijab and is worn by women.

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What is the name of the white clothes Muslims wear on hajj?

The name of the white cloths that Muslims wear is called Iran. Which is a piece of white cloths that men wear, and the ladies wear black or white.

What outfit did Marie Antoinette wear when she was executed?

Hardly an outfit. A white cotton dress, with a black petticoat, and a white cap adorned with black ribbon

What do Black Muslims Wear?

per Islam religion, no differences in all aspects of life are based on color. black Muslims are as white or other race Muslims. They all wear as required from any Muslim.

What color shoes to wear with a white slightly black dress?

definitely black always wear the color that shows up least on the outfit

What Color jewelry do you wear with black shoes?

It matters what color the rest of your outfit is

Why do Muslims wear dashiki?

Not all muslims wear dashikis its mostly the black muslims, i'm a muslim and I've never our on a dashiki and don't know anyone who has

What is the word for the black attire that nuns wear?

Different orders wear different colors, Benedictine nuns wear black, Cistercian nuns were white, and there are others. Regardless of the color, the entire "outfit", if you will, is called a habit, you can see more of an explanation at the link below:

What should plus size wear?

Wear black or a dark red. Don't make the outfit too CRAZY!!!

What do you call a geisha's dress?

The outfit Geisha wear is called a Kimono.

What do they wear on Chinese New Year?

On Chinese New Year, they wear a dress or outfit called chongsai

What is the scarf Muslims wear on there head called?


What are the clothing called Muslims wear?

long things

What do American Muslims wear?

American Muslims wear a hood wrap called a hijab. This is common with Muslim women. When it comes to other apparel, American Muslims tend to wear the same American clothing we do.

Does Cameroon have a national outfit?

Women wear a wrapped fabric called a pagne. Men in the north wear an outfit called a boubou with an undershirt and an overshirt. They also wear a hat that matches the shirt. In the south they wear pants with an overshirt and matching hat. The cloth is made of cotton with geometric patterns.

Is it inappropriate to wear black to a wedding?

Usually, black is for funerals, but it's okay if there's more than one color in the outfit.

Which episode of George Lopez does angie wear a police outfit?

angie wore a police outfit in the episode called Trick or Treat Me right.

Do Muslims wear anything on their heads?

Muslim women wear a covering called a hijab.

What do Muslims traditionally wear?

They wear really cool siuts called Shalwar Kameez.

Can women wear long chiffon pants to black tie event?

Yes, you do not have to wear a derss or skirt so long as your outfit is formal.

What did Georgia O'Keeffe like to wear?

Georgia loved to wear black or dark clothing. For an outfit, I would wear black with a white scarf and a white blouse under. That is her classic. I am not sure though if she wore it everyday.

What color shoes would you wear with a red top and white pants?

I would wear black shoes, but it really depends on the style of outfit. A black necklace or bracelet would be good to.

Who did Hitler copy?

why did Hitler always wear miltary outfit why did Hitler always wear miltary outfit

What is a good outfit to wear to an audition?

It's usually best to wear solid colors. A polo and khaki or black pants would be a good outfit. I honestly think that you should wear what you want to. Be yourself and not someone that they would want you to be. I think that you should just be casual.

What is the hat that Muslims wear called?

look dont listen to that it is actually called a topis

Who made emo?

I would say teenagers who like to wear a lot of black decided to have a name for that kind of outfit.