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The 09 Wrangler has a 5x5 bolt pattern

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2007 and up Wranglers are 5X5

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Q: What is the bolt pattern on a 09 Jeep Wrangler?
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How do you remove turn signals and side markers on an 09 jeep wrangler?

let the wife reverse park in to a small space

What is the Bolt pattern for 09' ford flex?

5 x 4.5"

What is the bolt pattern for a 2009 Toyota matrix?

The bolt pattern should be 5x114.3.Hope this helps... it helps especially before you decide to get new rims, you need to figure out the bolt pattern on the new rims and make sure they fit the same bolt pattern of the 09 matrix. I ended up having to get wheel adapters because at first I didnt know my bolt pattern.

When did Wrangler - TV series - end?

Wrangler - TV series - ended on 1960-09-15.

When was Bolt on Neck created?

Bolt on Neck was created on 2008-09-17.

Are a '99 Jeep Cherokees stock rims compatible with a '09 Jeep Cherokees?

No, they will not clear the brake caliper.

When did John F. Bolt die?

John F. Bolt died on 2004-09-08.

When was Self-Destructive Pattern created?

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How much are four door Jeep Wranglers?

According the the Jeep website in the UK they start at £18,600 each (May 09), which would work out at a minimum of £77,400 for four.

Will an 09 jeep rubicon soft top fit an 05 rubicon?

No. 2007 and up are different from 2006 and back.

What do you torque the transmission drainplug bolt to on a 09 forester?

Fluids good for approximitly 70000 miles, you shouldn't had removed it

Is the ac compressor in a 09' jeep covered under warranty?

It would have been covered by the 3 year, 36000 mile warranty.

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