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What is the bottom of a door frame called?

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Threshold. Or a sill

Or Soleplate. DOOR SILL as opposed to the term WINDOW SILL. OR DOOR STEP. A Soleplate is more correctly, the piece of timber (usually about 50mmthick) placed in the soil and beneath a timber or concrete Stump of a house. It is typically 200 x 300mm and made from Red Gum or Jarrah so that it lasts a long time in the damp ground.

(USA answer) The bottom of a door frame is usually called the threshold or doorsill. A sole plate is the first piece of wood that lays flat on its widest face at the bottom of a stud wall. Studs (usually 2x4's or 2x6's) rest vertically on the sole plate. It may be made of pressure treated wood to prevent decay or a specie that resists decay naturally such as cedar, or cypress, or redwood. Corrected in this answer: The plate that rests on top of a foundation wall is called the sill plate (not sole plate).

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The part of the frame across the top of a door is called a lintel if it is structural (bearing a load). If it is not structural, it can be called a head trimmer. The headis the top of the door.

It is called a door frame. Or if you are talking about the edges of the wall, its the molding.

assuming you plan to change the speakers on the frond doors, remove the bottom screws on the door frame (they should be facing up), then remove the bottom half of the door panel. Unscrew the stock speakers and replace them with new ones. Then put the door frame back on the door.

: I found a way to fix the Door.. Raise the door and swing the Bottom edge over the track edge and into the room. With the door removed set it horzontal with the Bottom of the Door supported on the edges. You will remove the Bottom of the Door frame by first removing the two Long screws that attach the Bottom to the Two sides of the door. Do not remove the sides from the Glass, Just Loosen and remove the Long Screws. : On one side the Long Philips head screw is Obvious; On the other side it is Hidden in a Hole that may have a Rubber bumper plug. Wiggle the Bottom frame up and down to Loosen it from the rubber gasket along the Bottom of the Glass. : Once you get the Bottom Off the Door you will find at each end a Pair of Rollers in a Cartridge inside the Door frame. There is a single fastening Screw holding the Cartridge in the Bottom frame. Remove the Fastening screws and slide the roller cartridge out. : I found replacement Cartridges at the local BIG Box Hardware store.

You are supposed to measure the "rough" opening. This is distance from the studs that line the door opening. (not from the door frame itself) Top to bottom then from side to side. If you already have a door there and are just replacing it then you can just measure the door and get one of the same size. Good luck.

A door frame is the rough opening that the door and door jam go in to. Door frames are part of the framing of a house and the door jam is the out side frame that the door sits in.

Lintel. In Hebrew it is called משקוף - Mashkoaf.Answer 2The top piece of the frame is called a header. The lintel is the support structural piece to which the top of the frame is secured. The top horizontal piece of the door itself is also called the door header.

A standard solid core door installed in a frame with no sound seals or door bottom seal will achieve an STC rating in the lower 20's.

A roller garage door is a door for ones garage. It is called a roller garage door because the door operates with rollers on a track frame that allows the door to open and close.

To install a commercial door, first make sure that you are buying a door that fits the door frame where you are installing it. Then install it by attaching hinges to the door and the door frame.

The top hinge screws want to pull out of the door and frame due to the cantilevered centre of gravity of the door. At the bottom hinge the opposite happens and the screws are not in tension because the lower part of the door tends to "push" towards the frame. It is therefore common practice to fit two upper hinges close to one another near the top of the door and have the bottom hinge by itself near the bottom of the door. (All the above assuming the door is rigid and have some weight that cannot be negligible). A third hinge fitted midpoint between a top and a bottom hinges serves no purpose other than evenly supporting a thin flexible door against wind etc.

One part of a door frame is the molding, which is the area cut out to hold the door. The frame is the wood or steel placed inside the molding to bolster the strength of the door. The casing is the part of the door inside the frame that insulates. The hinge holds the door on and the contact plate is the area cut out to hold the bolt part of the lock.

At corner by driver side bottom windshield area is on dash and on driver door jam.

The horizontal beam above a door or window is sometimes called a lintel. This part of the door or window is a portion of the frame in most cases.

on the bottom of the inner door frame there is a little nub sticking out with two screws. you have to unscrew them and pull the nub out and replace it with a new one

It will be in three places. The easiest one is located on the drivers door frame one you open the door my the door latch. the other one it at the bottom of your windshield in front of the driver ( its a little hard to read but its guaranteed to be there)

The header is the 2x12 in the wall, I'm not sure the wall has a term.

Door lining is purchased as a pack and must be assembled to fit the home. A door frame is already assembled and a wall is built around it.

There is a build information plate on most cars when you open the drivers door it will be on the door jamb or frame of the car. On the Hyundai it is on the actual drivers door itself in the bottom left hand corner.

it is stamped on a black sticker on the drivers door frame, and is also written on the bottom left hand corner of the windscreen.

Mark out the area. Chisel out the bricks. Install a lintel (if needed). Construct a frame for the door. Hang the door to the frame.

YES. There are four pulleys on a garage door frame, two mounted in a stationary position on the frame above either side of the garage door frame, and two moveable pulleys attached to the springs on either side of the door.

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