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the boy in the striped pajama is about a little Jewish boy being in a concentration camp. well not to far away there is a little German boy whos father is the nazi general. well the boy see's something burning and tells his father. the said to his father " what is is it smells really bad." the father said they were just burning old wood and old toys. well we all know what was burning. ( Jews) the boy further investigates and see's this little Jewish boy at the fence and they talk and become close friends. the boy decides to sneak under the fence one day and the Nazi's that were gaurding the camp told all the children that it was time for a shower. well the little German boy's father found out were he went and when he finally got to the camp it was too late because the boy had already been drowned in one of the gas chambers.

i thought it was the best movie ever. i personally think that you should watch it. god bless you and your family, Josh

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Q: What is the boy in the striped pajama about?
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