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What is the bright planet mistaken for a UFO?

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What bright planet is mistaken for a UFO?


What bright planet is often mistaken for a UFO?


What bright planet is ofter mistaken for a UFO?

Venus! Durr!

What bright planet is often mistaken as UFO?

I am not sure how frequent this confusion is, but Venus is brighter than any other planet or star, and can easily be seen in the daylight.

Why is Mars known for UFO sightings?

Because Mars is very bright, and it is often mistaken for a UFO.

Where was the biggest UFO spotted?

The largest thing ever misidentified as a UFO, is the planet Jupiter. It and Venus are the two planets most likely to be mistaken as a UFO. Venus is seen more often (President Carter saw Venus as a UFO) because it is so bright.

Which planet has occasionally been identified as a UFO?

Venus is usually the planet that is most thought to be a UFO, but all planets visible without a telescope or binoculars can be mistaken for UFOs.

Which heavnly body is often mistaken for a flying saucer?

The most common misidentification for a UFO is the planet Venus.

What bright planet is often mistake for UFO?

Venus. It is bright red and quite visible in the night sky (usually somewhere in an Easterly direction).

What bright planet is often mistake of UFO?

Venus. Indeed, the Summit of Beauty and Love, and Venus was her name- as the song has it.

Has Venus been mistaken for a UFO?


Does the planet Venus flash in the sky at night?

Yes it does flash different colors, usually before and after sunset. This remains unexplained. As our sky's brightest visible neighbor (after the Moon), the planet Venus is often mistaken for a UFO.

Have UFOs ever gone to Mars?

Since no humans have visited Mars, it is unsure. But Mars is often mistaken for UFOs because of how bright the planet is.

What planet is a gas planet and has bright rings?

Saturn is a gas planet that has bright rings.

What does a UFO look like at night?

usually it is said that a UFO looks bright and glowing at night-time. Sometimes it can be a rounded oval type of shape.

What planet is closet to neptune?

if not mistaken uranus is the nearest

How many UFO sightings are fake?

That would be impossible to say. There are more UFOs that are mistaken identity than actually faked.

Which planet has a bright ring?


Are UFO are not real?

they are real we can't be the only planet with life 0-o

What are the release dates for UFO Files - 2004 An Alien History of Planet Earth 3-9?

UFO Files - 2004 An Alien History of Planet Earth 3-9 was released on: USA: 26 June 2006

What is a UFO ship?

A UFO ship can come in all different shapes not just a ship. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. The UFO you see probably does not belong to an alien; it might be something as simple as a Chinese lantern. People have reported a UFO that has been so bright that it left their eyes sore. One person caught video footage and handed into the UFO society but it didn't cast light on anything, so this was edited.

What planet has a bright ring system?


Is Cameron bright the cutest guy on the planet?


Why is venus the bright planet?

Because it is on fire

Name something people see in the sky that might get mistaken for a UFO?

Plane Balloon Satellite Shooting Star Blimp Meteor Helicopter

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