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The caliber is .44-40 Winchester. The bores vary from around .427-.429", but usually towards the .427" size. Your serial number indicates a date of 1897 mfg. Values of antique firearms are based on condition, and any special features, or changes. I cann not estimate your gun's value without a set of good pictures or a first hand exam.

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Q: What is the bullet diameter and barrel bore specifications and value of Marlin Safety Model 1894 serial 150148 with 44 W Pat Oct 11 1887 April 2 1889 stamped on the barrel?
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Where can you find information about a 30-30 Marlin safety Model 1936 serial 792 with The Marlin Firearms Corp and Special Smokeless Steel stamped on the barrel?

Marlin Firearms is still in business. Check with them.(

Where is the serial number on a marlin model 56?

Some Marlin Model 56 did not have a stamped serial number. The Firearms Control Act of 1968 required serial numbers to be stamped on weapons and since the Model 56 began production in 1955 it was not required. While Marlin did stamp some, they discontinued the practice saying it was non productive.

What is the age and value of a Marlin Revelation Model 120 which is also stamped with Western Auto Supply Co?

1972 What is the value?

What is the age of your marlin 30-30 model 1936 serial 15 stamped on lower tangno letters special smokless steel stamped by rear sight and Marlin safety stamped on top of receiver?

The model 1936 was stamped as such for only the first year of production (released in 1937 I believe), and was re-branded as the Model 36 in the years that followed, so if you show the stamp "Model 1936", you are holding an original. This rifle is approx. 72 years old.

Marlin 80-dl22cal-s-l-lr is stamped on barrel is this a rare gun?

No, the Marlin Model 80 bolt action rimfire rifles were a very common produced rifle during the mid 20th century.

Where is serial number on marlin golden 39a?

Serial number is stamped on the lower tang of the receiver. It is covered by the lever. Move the lever to see it.

Why does the diameter of 32 center fire ammo seem too large and won't chamber in a Marlin 1892?

if it's early production the bullet diameter is only .313. later production guns use a larger diameter bullet.

How do you properly clean a Marlin lever action rifle?

Serial numbers were required per a 1968 firearms act. Marlin .22's produced prior to this were not required to have serial numbers stamped on the weapon and marlin decided it was not productive to do so. Although they did stamp some earlier models they discontinued the practice. My Marlin model 56 made in 1960 also has no serial number.

How is a Glenfield Model 45 associated with Marlin and the Cotter Company?

Glenfield firearms were manufactured by Marlin (many were marked with both names). Cotter & Co was one of the retail hardware stores that sold Glenfield guns and some of them were stamped with the store name.

What ammunition does a Marlin 1887 shoot if it has 32W stamped under the hex barrel?

I'm assuming you have a Marlin model 1889, not 1887, as they never made a model 1887. The 1889 does have a patent date of 1887 on the barrel, so this is a common mistake. Any Marlin marked ".32W" on the barrel will normally be chambered for the .32-20 Win. cartridge.

What is the mfg date and value of a marlin 31-20 20 gauge the last pat date is mar 1914 and it has an F stamped on the bottom of the barrel.?

Should be 1948.

What is the age and value of a Marlin Safety 30-30 Model 93 serial L874 with Marlin Firearms Corporation stamped on the barrel?

The "L" prefix was used in the early 1930's. As for values, that can only be determined by inspection of your gun, or good pictures.

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