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Marlin Firearms is still in business. Check with them.(

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FIC was an importer. Provide a detailed description of all markings and features for more information.

Cheap ones stamped metal evpensive ones cast metal

All firearms are stamped with the name of maker and serial number.

Folsom was a brand name used by the Cresent firearms company,which was in business from 1888-1932.If your shotgun has Damascus barrels then it was made from 1888-1900.If it shoots standard smokeless powder shells,then it was made from 1901-1932.

Start with the information stamped on the gun. Usually there will be a manufacturer's name or a trade name and a model name or number. Guns manufactured in Europe will usually have proof marks. With this information you can search various books available at your library: Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms, The Standard Catalog of Firearms, Modern Guns, etc. Or you can post a description that includes all the information you found on the gun on a website like this and someone will probably recognize it.

a 410 ga. shotgun pistol was made by crescent firearms and is very rare. however, regular shotguns do not have much value

Many Remington firearms may be dated by the letter code stamped on the barrel. This combination of 2 or 3 letters is rather small, and is stamped on the barrel on the LEFT side, at the very rear of the barrel. You may need a magnifier and a bright light. Once you find the letters, go to the link at the bottom of this page to decipher the date made. Good luck!

If it is stamped inside in the middle of the back, it is French, probably from around 1900.

Most firearms have the model number/name stamped on the receiver or barrel of the firearm in question.

My Worthington Special 12 ga. has "1929 model" stamped right on the barrel

I believe 'pt' stands for patent, as in Colt patent firearms

Secret Service Special was a trade name used on inexpensive revolvers retailed by the Rohde-Spencer Company of Chicago. The Howard Arms Co name was distributed by H&D Folsom, usually on shotguns made by their subsidiary company, Crescent Firearms, or imported from Belgium. If R-S ordered revolvers from Folsom, they would quite possibly have both names.

Only NFA tax stamped firearms (machine guns, short barreled rifles/shotguns, destructive devices, etc.).

Under the National Firearms Act (NFA) it is illegal for a private citizen to possess a sawed-off modern smokeless powder shotgun (a barrel length less than 18 in. or 46 cm and an overall length less than 26 inches) without a tax-stamped permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which requires a background check and a $200.00 fee for every transfer. However, if the weapon was manufactured by a licensed builder, with a short barrel and no stock, the transfer fee is $5.

$25-$75. These were low cost firearms of indifferent quality.

1342 should be stamped on the exhaust manifold

Retailed by either Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co of Chicago (1855-1960) or Gray & Dudley Hardware Co of Nashville (1880-1930).

The proof mark of the crown over the letter R signifies the proof house of East German,Suhl.This has been used since 1950 and means repair proof.The proof of the star over the letters AE usually signify the smokeless powder proof for firearms from France.

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