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Q: What is the bumper at the end of train tracks called?
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What is tracks for trains?

Railroad tracks are often called rails.

What happens when the king of beasts run in front of a train?

You get something 'lion' on the tracks. Its the end of the lion.

What is the piece that covers the end of the bumper and part of the fender called on a 2001 Nissan frontier?

Bumper cover or fascia.

What does your dream mean if you dream that you are being gchased by a train in the tracks but at the last second i dont die then end up somewhere strange?

It means that the person that dreamed it might be scared of train tracks or of trains! i really dont understand the question!! sorry

Why it is dangerous to stand at the end of a platform when a train passes?

suction from the backdraft can suck an unassuming member on to the tracks proportional to the speed and volume of the passing train (see for more info)

What is the front of the car called?

it is called the hood. the very front is called the bumper. some people may call it the front end.

Why do train tracks bend?

Railroad tracks are curve by slowly forcing them into shape. On a gentle curve there may be enough flex within the rail so that it doesn't have to be forced. Take a long thin piece of steel and hold it up the end will drop a certain amount. the same principal applies to rail but at a smaller scale.

When did Bumper Stumpers end?

Bumper Stumpers ended on 1990-12-28.

What is the back part of the car called?

In England it is galled the boot In the US it is called the trunk You could also call it the rear end or the rear bumper.

When did Night Tracks end?

Night Tracks ended on 1992-05-30.

What is the car at the head of the train?

If it's a powered locomotive, then a locomotive. If it's a car with a cab to control the train, then a cab-car. If it's a train powered by itself, called a Multiple Unit (MU) with the engine part of the train, the front is called, well, the head end.

When did New York Hot Tracks end?

New York Hot Tracks ended in 1989.