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Well depending if fermentation is occuring in an aerobic (in oxygen) in produces lactic acid, mostly in the bodies of humans and animals. If its anaerobic (without oxygen) in produces alcohol, mostly in bacteria.

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Q: What is the by-product of fermentation?
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What byproduct of fermentation has been utilized in the production of bread?

fermentation in bread induce alcohol and carbon dioxide.

What is acid fermentation?

Lactic acid fermentation is the process in which sugars are converted into cellular energy and the metabolic byproduct lactate.

Which gas propels out of a champagne?

Carbon Dioxide, CO2. A byproduct of fermentation.

Which of the following is chemical byproduct of fermentation in humans?

A chemical byproduct of fermentation in humans is methane. Fermentation in the human body happens in the colon. It helps in normal large intestine activity.

How do you get carbonation in a bottle?

It is either injected into the bottle in gaseous form, or it develops as a byproduct of fermentation.

Do cells make ethanol as a waste of cellular respiration?

No, ethanol is a byproduct of fermentation...not aerobic or anaerobic respiration

If Lactic Acid is a byproduct of Fermentation then where is it in the formula?

I thought that the formula for anearobic respiration/fermentation was:Glucose (Lactic Sugar) ---------> Carbon Dioxide+ Ethanol+ ATPIf so then where is the Lactic Acid that's meant to be a byproduct during yogurt-making on the other side? Thankyou for your help in advance!

Why do we humans fart and what causes us to fart?

Gas is a healthy and normal thing in people. This is caused by fermentation of bacteria in the gut. The fermentation produces gas as a byproduct in reactions going on in the body.

Does Lactic fermentation require oxgyen?

Fermentation is the name of a biological chemical reaction that occurs without oxygen. It does not matter if the sugar is lactose, glucose, fructose, or something else. One byproduct is carbon dioxide.

When bacteria perform fermentation what waste product is formed?

It depends on the type of substrate used; in alcohol or ethanol fermentation carbon dioxide is produced as byproduct. whereas in case of baker yeast CO2 is the sole product!

What is achoholic fermintaition?

Alcohol is produced as a byproduct of live yeast. The yeast digests the sugar from the mash and excretes alcohol. The process is called 'Fermentation'

Is glucose involved in fermintation?

Yes, it is required for the lactic acid cycle of respiration where alcohol is produced. This process yields alcohol as a byproduct and that is what we call fermentation.