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Coaxial cable RG-6 is used for satellite TV wiring. If you have a HDTV, you would want to use a HDMI cord from your Dish Network receiver to your television. This will give you a great picture!

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Q: What is the cable called that hooks your tv to dish?
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How does a dish network receiver connect to a television?

"A Dish Network receiver is connected to a television through something that is called a Coaxial cable, which is usually located on the back of a television."

Is cable TV cable the same as the cable for satellite dish cable?

In the USA, now days it is. Before there were antennas to get TV signals from the air, and you could only get ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. Then came cable, wire and dish cable. Now there is only cable; dish and cable linkage. There is virtually no more antenna TV signals, and there are thousands of channels.

Can you get Cable Internet with Dish Network and if so is it good for gaming?

You can get Dish Network and cable internet. Be sure to tell your Dish TV installer that you plan on getting cable internet. Also, tell your Cable TV installer you have dish satellite. As far as Cable internet being good for gaming, it depends on the internet speed you get.

Is dish cable or antenna?

Dish TV is a satellite service that is offered for people to watch cable television. It does involve the introduction of some cables to the home but is still considered a satellite service rather than a cable service or an antenna service.

Where can i learn more about cable television?

You can learn more by performing research. You can call both cable and dish companies and ask questions. You can also read forums online from customers that have had cable and dish.

What is better direct tv dish or Time Warner cable?

Satellite TV is almost always better than cable.

Is cnbc a cable channel?

Yes CNBC is a cable TV channel. It is also on satellite TV -- Dish Network and DirecTV.

What channel is WrestleMania on?

It depends. Do you have cable? Do you have Direct Tv? Time Warner? Charter? Dish network? Basic cable? :)

Which indoor unit is the best - cable-TV?

direct tv or dish, same thing

Can you plug a satellite dish cable into a cable ready tv and receive anything?

No. You need a proper receiver (among other things) to be able to plug the cable from the dish into and you need service.

What is the cable used for linking the satellite cable antenna to the receiver?

We use a RG6 coax cable from the dish to the receiver. The cable used between the receiver to the TV varies.

Can you use PSP cable that hooks into a TV to hook a laptop to a TV?

yes, if the little block/pin on the PSP end will fit into your laptop it is absolutely safe to use it as a video/audio cable. THANKS!!